New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screens Black, Gold, A Little Old

The next Deus Ex game, now in development at Eidos Montreal, will be dark, glowing with gold light and, occasionally, feature a hint of seafoam green. We know this by looking at "new" screenshots of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

These purportedly new shots of the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 game due next year are not completely fresh. We've seen protagonist Adam Jensen primed to stab guards in the back before, as well as that hacking screen. But for the casual Deus Ex: Human Revolution follower, they're all good examples of the game's cyber-Renaissance aesthetic.

They're also ideal for judging whether Jensen looks like a douchebag or not, something Deus Ex's new creators were trying to avoid.



      I second that motion.

    Those screenies reek of Blade Runner... I LIKEY!

    Potentially this game could kick some serious arse.

    Me wants.

    Very slick

    looks more like ghost in a shell than blade runner

    Giggity. Looking good so far. Adam Jenson is looking more and more like Paul Denton each time I see him.

    As a big Deus Ex fan I have high hopes for this one.

    It's looking quite spectacular. Have they announced a date or time-frame. I wouldn't wanna see this released in a mess of Post-Holiday releases and receive no attention.

    Looks so very good.

    I just hope it doesn't suffer from consolitis. Please let it have great aiming, fov, and Eyefinity, etc support on PC.

    It also has very syndicate style coats and setting. Love it.

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