New Left 4 Dead Expansion Lets You Choose Who Will Live Or Die

Valve revealed today The Sacrifice, a new expansion for the Left 4 Dead series that will be compatible with both the first and second games in the series.

Along with this new chapter in the zombie survival saga, No Mercy - the hospital campaign from the first Left 4 Dead - will be updated and included for Left 4 Dead 2 players, who can then play through both these campaigns with the second game's weapons (those with only Left 4 Dead 1 will only have the first game's weapons).

The Sacrifice tells the story of the last Left 4 Dead 2 expansion, The Passing, from the perspective of the original game's cast. You'll find out how they managed to meet up with Left 4 Dead 2's cast, and at the end, will be able to choose for yourself which of the original cast dies (hence the expansion's name), rather than Valve simply pencilling it in.

A digital comic will begin next month to get everybody up to speed on the events of the campaign. The Sacrifice will be released as free DLC for the PC and Mac, while it will a paid downloadable for the Xbox 360.


    Cool about no mercy, but it is a bit late considering people have been doing it sinse the sdk came out.

    As for the actual dlc, sounds sweet, but if they are letting us choose who dies, perhaps they should have made it match in l4d2? after all, according to that bill dies, no ifs or buts, and it did say they were meant to be connected.

    Cool, but could have been better prepared

    I'm confused. I thought Valve already pencilled in that Bill died?

      Wouldn't be fun for the person playing as Bill if he has to die now would it?

      It's cannon that Bill dies and in the comic he will be the one who dies but in the DLC you will get to choose which survivor dies each time.

    all this 'pencilling in' is sounding a bit iffy

      Why can't they use ink like real adults?

    So... If I understand this correctly:

    If you own L4D2, you'll get to play both this new 'The Sacrifice' and No Mercy with L4D2 weapons, BUT, do you still play as the L4D1 survivors? That would make sense, but it would mean they'd have to add new animations for all the new weapons.

    Found some more information and some pictures here:

    Looks like I thought right. If you have L4D2, you'll be able to play as the original survivors in the new game! Hooray!

    i've got a feeling we're going to start seeing alot of dead Rochelles.

    Wow Looks nice wonder if you have the dlc you can play like versus with the old chars Im sorry louis hehehehehehhehehheheheheh

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