New Resident Evil: Afterlife Ad Hits TV

Due out on September 10 in 3D, Resident Evil: Afterlife might actually draw me to a cinema.

The movie looks like more of the same, but the 3D looks like it could be pretty amazing. Also there's Milla Jovovich to consider.



    I like Wentworth miller but that trailer was rather weak...

    maybe bluray rental or cinema....

    BUT NOT 3D....bah! I hate it.
    It ruined Alice in Wonderland and well Avatar was just a shit movie...

    How to train your dragon was a great movie, but again it added nothing for me in 3D...

    Is it wrong I'm more excited about the fact this one has Albert Wesker in it? He looks badass too.

      agreed. wesker looks good. and im happy about the big axe dude from RE5 in there.

      but the first 2 films were horrible and the 3rd was ok i guess. not getting too excited for this one.

    im pretty sure the movie will have a non 3d version as well. eh, ill see it, ill like it for what it is, as i did with the last one (i thought the tyrant part was awesome), but this trailer could have showed better parts and had better music.

    That spot reminded me of a really tacky fake trailer you'd see in grindhouse. The announcer sounded like the Machete guy.

    "They created her."
    "They tried to stop her."
    "They left her for dead."

    They overdid her makeup and made her look like a cheap French harlot!

    Poor Milla...looks sexier without caked on makeup.
    (Evidence: "The Fifth Element". Most of the movie she has little to no makeup!)

    Needs moar cheesy lines tbh...

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