New, Roomy PlayStation 3 Models Confirmed For North America

The leaked and now confirmed new versions of the PlayStation 3 coming to other markets are also coming to North America later this year.

The next PS3 slim will by 160GB and sell for $US299.99.

A 320GB PS3 bundled with the September-launching PlayStation Move controller and a copy of Move game Sports Champions will be out for $US399.99.

A 320GB version went on sale in Japan in late July. The console was white. Pictures of the bundle slated for the US, however, show a black 320GB console. We're checking with Sony to see if the 320GB will come out in white in North America.

The current highest-end PS3 in North America is the $US350 250GB one. The smaller version is $US300, 120GB.

To compare the new PS3 models to the currently available ones, check out Kotaku's PlayStation buyer's guide. That guide will be updated in the near future to reflect the new hardware models revealed by Sony today.


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