New Xbox 360 Console, Same Old Expensive Accessory Prices

As expected, Microsoft has begun selling standalone hard drives for its new Xbox 360 S systems, and as expected, they're ridiculously expensive.

A listing has appeared on GameStop for a 250GB hard drive (it's a final listing, not a tentative pre-order), and it's priced at $US130. That's... exactly the same price as the larger, clunkier 250GB hard drives available for the older Xbox 360 consoles.

Sure, you get Hexic pre-installed, as well as demos for Peggle, Pinball FX and A Kingdom For Kefflings, but when you're paying $US130 for a 250GB hard drive, that doesn't even take a dollar's worth of shock away from the total price.

A new system with a new design was a chance for Microsoft to move away from its diabolical pricing on accessories; the in-built wi-fi in the Xbox 360 S, for example, nullified the even more ridiculously-priced external wi-fi adaptor. Guess that's about as far as Microsoft's charity was willing to extend!


    I don't understand, I thought that you could use any USB storage device with the xbox now? Why would anyone buy the overpriced official microsoft ones?

      Because Microsoft restricts USB storage support to 16GB, even if the actual device is of a higher capacity.

    I'm not surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised.


    I just bought an the old-style 250GB HDD off ebay for $60

    I thought you could just open the HDD case & change it?

      I beleive it's a laptop 2.5" drive but it's specially formatted.

      But yeah, for less than $100 (Aus) you can get 500gb to 1tb. Now in Australia we're probaly paying $200 for 250gb. And they wonder why these things never sell. I would pay $100 for a 250gb HDD. And I know it's a rip-off but I'd still do it.

        Check that, those prices would be for standard 3.5" drives.

          the problem is they are basically standard drives and there really is no way to hide the fact that ms are just ripping everyone off.

      I think the MS hard drives have some special software or data pre-installed so that the console knows it's official.

      To do what you're saying, you need to go to one of those Xbox hacking/modding sites and get the special software... even then I'm not sure what the exact procedure is... or if it's even possible. And you still run the risk of Live thinking your console is illegally modified and banning it forever.


      nah that's a PS3 - the xbox will only take their own HDDs

    You'd think they'd pack in something better than Hexic - I mean it was free - so I can't complain - but then again it's also boring as hell - so I will!

    I'm pretty sure that if you use Test Disk on Linux which is a partition map recovery tool, you can write an xbox partition table to a generic 2.5" drive and use that.

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