NHL 11 Demo Is Out On Tuesday

NHL 11's developers revealed today that the game's demo will be released on August 17 in North America and August 18 in Europe. With it, you'll also get to play a demo version of the new Hockey Ultimate Team.

The announcement came in a developer chat earlier in the day. Operation Sports reports that Hockey Ultimate Team's demo will give you a starter pack of cards that allows you to play through an offline tournament. At each stage of the tournament, you'll be playing the third period. Survive and advance; lose and start over from the beginning. Though the demo HUT team will not carry over, you can earn up to two free packs of cards for the main game - by inviting a friend to the demo, and then either playing the demo or winning the HUT tournament in the demo (but not both.)

The demo also will include the Battle For The Cup mode - Chicago vs Philadelphia, in the third period of Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

EA Sports said the demo will release at 2am PDT on August 17 for Xbox 360 users, and between 1pm and 5pm PDT for PS3 owners.

NHL 11 Demo Arrives in North America on Tuesday Aug. 17th (EU 18th), Details Included [Operation Sports]


    Yeah, but do you have to pay extra for the Ultimate Team like in Fifa?

      I doubt it, I can't really say for certain but given that ALOT of DLC for the game went up early and it was all stat boosts as well as the fact that this game mode appears to be something ready to go at release I would expect it to be packaged into the basic game.

      Of course, it's entirely possible there's release DLC going up that wasn't leaked.

      This seems like the sort of thing that, if they were going to make it a download it would be the type of thing where they package a code with the game and make you buy it if you get a secondhand copy.

      I have to be honest though, I'm kind of excited about it, it's an online mode (I believe) where I can have that sense of progression and competition without feeling the need to play with other people (which is always how I felt with regards to the EASHL)

        Woops for the double post, maybe a moderator can combine them.

        Just read over at easports.com that the game mode is included on the disc.

        link: http://www.easports.com/blogs/inthecrease/post/slug/an-in-depth-look-at-the-ea-sports-ultimate-hockey-league

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