Nintendo Lets You Paint Happy Little Trees On Your DS This Spring

Want to use your Nintendo DS as a virtual canvas on which to paint, a virtual art studio in which to learn? Good, because Nintendo of America will release Art Academy for the DS this October.

Nintendo will be bundling the formerly DSiWare-only apps Art Academy: First Semester and Art Academy: Second Semester, throwing in 10 "Mini Lessons" and other goodies for the artistic endeavour's retail release. Art Academy will hit North American store shelves on October 25 for the low price of $US19.99. That's a bit more than the combined 1600 Nintendo Points price of the downloadable versions, but the extra bucks might be worth it.

The "portable art course" can be used to make some lovely and impressive creations, should you have the extra twenty bucks and the talent to spare.


    Damn, I though this was going to be about Happy Tree Friends on the DS... Now THAT would be a game!

    heh, I thought this would be a good idea about 3-4 years ago, sent the idea in as a competition and didn't win :C

    Colors for DS already does something similar, if you live in a territory in which Nintendo hasn't successfully crushed homebrew.

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