Nintendo May Be Getting Better At Live-Action Metroid Commercials

This is the Metrod Other M commercial, showing us a live-action version of heroine Samus.

Can we agree this is an improvement from the live-action Samus from this old Game Boy Advance commercial?

But let's take it back to the Super Nintendo. This commercial has either the best live-action Samus of all time or the worst.

You decide which live-action Samus is best.


    You can tell how advanced their technology is in that universe - she never has helmet hair

    Who is that actress? Kinda looks like that main character from Cold Case

    Forgot about this

      Your link is prolly the best, good mix of live-action and real gameplay.

      That cheesy old Supah Meta-roid commercial gives me a full-on robot chubby!

    My God, that actress.... SCHWING!

    She looks a bit like Kristen Bell. If there is ever going to be a Metroid movie, I know who I want to star as Samus.

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