No Console Version Of Diablo III Planned

Right now, there's a PC version of Diablo III planned. A Mac version, too. But consoles? According to Blizzard, as of August 2010, there are no plans for a console version of the game.

At a Q&A session earlier today, Blizzard's Jay Wilbur took to the podium to answer a bunch of questions, and that was one of them. Sorry, PS3 and 360 owners. Then again, the game probably won't be out until 2016, there's plenty of time for Blizzard to develop some plans!

The rest of the session was taken up with a discussion of some of Diablo III's new features, including the new "artisan" characters (you get a guy following you, and they're the ones whose crafting levels up, not yours) and the fact there'll be a hardcore mode: as in, if you die, you really die, and no matter how far into the game you are, that's it.


    Why would you want Diablo on a console anyway? Blizzard has long been a PC distributor. I don't seem them ever jumping on the console bandwagon.

      Blizzard have released plenty of games for consoles. Granted, none too recently, but it's a pretty strong part of their history.

      shrug if someone didn't have a gaming PC maybe?

      Hell if they released Diablo 3 on Ps3 I would buy it

      Diablo was awesome on PSX!

        Agreed Played it to death. Even Multiplayer was awesome fun. The controls were piss easy. One button to shoot another to interact with NPCs and program spells/pots to other specific buttons.
        Still have the Disc on my shelf. Cant play Diablo 2 on my PC due to dated graphics and the pixelation on a 27" screen at 1920x1200 is real bad.

        Again Pixelation from the PSX version on the PS3 makes it ugly to play.

        I so hope that they support more than just 2 resolutions this time around on the 3rd.

        Multiplayer Diablo on PS3 = Gauntlet old school.

        If you are worried about other spell selections then even a Ratchet+Clank radial style selection would lend itself well.

    Thank goodness. Diablo, SC and WC belong on the PC (at least the core franchises). Diablo, in particular is just too complicated for a control pad. Torchlight has re-enforced this, you need to be able to hit the spell you want, when you want it, not have to cycle through a radial menu.

    I don't see why people keep expecting this and are supprised when they state (for like the billionth time) that Diablo III won't be on consoles. The terrible, TERRIBLE N64 port of the original Diablo should kill this argument...

    Would it really surprise you if they announced it's release on a console?

    Seems like everyone is doing it. Won't be long until we see games being branded as "PC-Exclusive".

    The sad thing is you can really feel when a game has been developed for both PC and consoles together and it's a big turn off for me.

    I gave up on Dragon Age on THREE separate attempts at playing through what is considered one of the best RPG's to come out since Baldurs Gate.

    The only reason my 4th attempt was successful was thanks to playing from an isometric view point and my stubborn drive to see the story through.

    Playing the game from third person felt so clunky it was unbearable, and radial menus... really!?

    (Having finished it I can see why everyone thinks so highly of it, and I too consider it to be one of the best games I have played in recent years)

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