No Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep For PSP Go Owners

No Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep For PSP Go Owners

Are you a big Kingdom Hearts fan? Did you trade in your normal PSP for a sleek and shiny PSP Go last year? Then you won’t be playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep any time soon.

Amidst rumours that the latest entry in the Kingdom Hearts series, due for UMD release next month, would not see a digital release, blogger and Arizona Daily Star writer Phil Villarreal contacted Square Enix PR firm Ogilvy for a firm answer, and that answer is no, there are no plans to release Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PlayStation Network, which is the only way PSP Go owners would be able to play it.

We reached out to Square Enix to confirm the news, and were given the same answer. On the plus side, the Square Enix representative did say there were “currently no plans”, so that could change sometime in the future.

This is sad news for PSP Go owners, or PSPGowners, as I’ve come to call them. Since the handheld was launched 11 months ago, nearly every title released has seen a near simultaneous release on PSN. Perhaps this admission means that companies are finally accepting the fact that the PSP Go is a failed experiment.

Sounds like a great time to invest in a Birth by Sleep PSP-3000 bundle, doesn’t it?

No ‘Go’ for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [because i told you so]


  • Feel really bad for Go owners, not only did they pay a premium for their digital content only device but they are neglected too.
    Although S-E seem to not want money, so it’s their loss too.

  • I can’t see any rationale behind disallowing a digital download version. Do they think that this will somehow prevent it from being pirated?

  • I think this is pretty ridiculous, I am not a PSP Go owner, nor PSP owner anymore, but I was definitely considering getting a PSP again. The reason I left my PSP was because I found I had to carry it around in a bag all the time. I want something that can fit inside my pocket.

    JB-Hi-Fi are selling PSP Go’s for $300 + 10 games (inc lbp, etc) which is nearly the price of the 3000. At $30 per game, it means you get a free PSP Go. Very good price imo. The main reason PSP Go is a good device is because it is very portable. + 16GB internal memory is great. After receiving a new internet plan (ADSL 2+) I could easy afford to download a couple gig’s when I buy a game. The PSP 3000’s screen also has ghosting and jitters, so I’d much rather the Go’s.

    It’s freaking lighter than an iPhone.

    And cmon’ this thing would be awesome to own, I look it as rare. I don’t know why there is so much hate.

    I see this device as somewhat of a failure for the pure reason it’s to advanced. People are too attached to their physical mediums (so am I) but sometime we are going to run out of materials to make this stuff, so the future has to be virtual.

    I seriously can’t wait till I can afford to buy one. Hoping in the future a hack will come out for homebrew emulators so I’ll be playing for years to come.

  • This is amazing. Sony pimps out their highly overpriced handheld which bombed just as everyone expected it to, and instead of accepting responsibility and supporting the few who bought their BS, Sony’s leaving them out to dry.

    Surely server costs aren’t that obscene.

  • Okay this is a joke. Till now, the PSP Go has been a great device, perfect for what I need.
    I only ever planned on playing the big PSP releases, so to be able to download these high profile titles without heading to a store has been great.
    Unfortunately, this had been one of those ‘big releases’ I was looking forward to.

  • The issue here is Disney is extremely anti-digital. The JP release had no PSN presence and Disney was certainly implied to be the reason at the time.

  • for a moment there i though there was a hardware issue… but really its because square can’t be stuffed.

    really sad. since i have a 3000 but i download all my games.

  • I am a PSP 3000 owner. Irrespective of which system is better, the problem still stands that companies aren’t taking digital downloads seriously, apparently.

    I mean I wanted a PSPGo, but knew this would be a problem. I download whatever games I can off PSN, due to not having to cart about UMD’s, shorter load times and extended battery life.

    If I could be sure the games I wanted would definitely be available digitally, I’d trade for a PSPGo in a heartbeat. Sadly, that’s not going to ever be the case apparently.

    Denying PSP owners Kingdom Hearts is a real kick in the teeth. ‘Weren’t sure if you’d made the right decision with a PSPGo? Here, this will confirm it for you.’

  • My son(12) saved up his own money for a PSP when he learned that KHBBS was coming out. He did the research on the system as a whole and we loved the idea of no more lost games, the guys at the game store said every game comes out for download. He picked up the Go and has really been enjoying the games it came with + some we have picked up on PSN. Now, I find out the game that he bought the system for will not be available(at this time????). Is this because of the KH special edition? Is this because Diney or Square Enix doesn’t want to deal with servers? I don’t care about any of that. I care about telling my 12 year old that the game from the gaming series he has always played is not available on his system. As a gamer myself, I am upset. As I father….I am beyond livid!

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