No Level Cap Increase In Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Borderlands players might be disappointed to learn that next month's new downloadable content will not include a level cap increase. Perhaps two screens from Claptrap's New Robot Revolution will help ease the pain?

We noticed many of our readers pondering the possibilities of an increase to the current level 61 cap when we posted about Claptrap's New Robot Revolution earlier this morning, so we dropped Gearbox Software president and CEO Randy Pitchford a line to see if there was any good news.

"No level cap increase with this one as the vast majority of our customers still need to reach the cap," Pitchford told Kotaku. "The most hardcore that are already there will find tons of new content. Players that haven't capped will find lots of paths to reach the cap with this DLC."

So no level cap increase, but plenty of new content for those who've already hit the cap. Disappointed? You could probably use another screenshot. Here you go, little buckaroo.


    oh noz

    Tartarus? Tartarus? Must go back to finish my game of Persona 3 portable!

    sadface. oh well.. in Gearbox I trust.

    Tartarus? Planet Tartarus? o.O

    level cap increase would have been nice but i didnt expect it. this DLC looks like its going to be awesome fun. cant wait

    O_o, I love my borderlands but I thought they had moved on...oh well it's a good reason to pull the game out again.

    GODDAMMIT! This is another one of the reasons I hate DLC. I thought I was finished with this game, I did all the main missions and was like "sweet I've finally done it, I can play something else now." Oh well it'll be good anyway.

    I'm glad it doesn't have a level increase! Because unlike many others, I haven't played through it twice nor grinded several times on the last missions of General Knoxx. I will get to continue leveling to the already structured gameplay end in a nice linear fashion.

    Great to see more content on the way! But please.. a new class or two, maybe some new skills.. Just something to beg to play the whole game again! :(

    It's true, I've been playing since release, and I'm still just under Level 50. Mind you, under Level 50 on 5 characters.

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