No Xbox Live Price Hike For Australia

No Xbox Live Price Hike For Australia

No Xbox Live Price Hike For AustraliaXbox Live is getting a $US10 price rise in the US and elsewhere later this year. But Microsoft has confirmed to Kotaku that no such increase is planned for Australia.

An Xbox spokesperson told us: “There are no plans for a price rise in Australia or New Zealand.”

While a 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription will remain at $AU79.95 RRP in Australia, from November 1 the yearly fee will go up to $US59.99 in North America while the UK, Canada and Mexico will see small increases to their one-month subscription fees.


  • damn… hows that for a bit of an awesome surprise..

    Maybe they just didn’t want to put up with the bazillion complaints that would come from our country if they did raise the price.. Australian gamers are so used to getting screwed that most already have their angry letter pre-written in multiple languages 😛

    • Or maybe we’re already charged so much and they milk us based on the purchases that are in some cases double what they pay in the states.

      • Yeah, well i don’t see that changing any time soon, so there’s no need to get worked up about it.. it’s been going on since forever… Australian gamers always pay through the nose..

        Just be thankful for 2 things:
        1. The price hasn’t actually gone up yet
        2. You don’t live in Brazil

    • If they put it up in Oz, I’m packing up my 360 and going PS3 unfortunately. I’m sick of us Aussies getting ripped – remember the ridiculous prices for God etc (Rockstar table tennins @ 60 bucks FFS).

      I’ve purchased 40 odd retail games and about 50 from XBLA over a 4 year period. I pay the fee for live gold right now but any further attempts to milk the revenue stream will see me go PS-3.

      Your call MSFT.

  • Considering that we don’t have netflix hulu and a whole bunch of other US Live exclusives including indie games it would take some balls to raise the price in-line with the US

    • What does the US get for free with its Gold subscription that we don’t get?

      Last.FM is about all I can think of. Netflix isn’t free. Hulu hasn’t launched yet and it won’t be free. Indie Games aren’t free, although access to the channel is. ESPN isn’t free.

      • they aren’t free but they have access

        the point still stands. They pay the rate to have the ability to access those services that we can not.

        It is up to them if they want them or not, we don’t have a choice so why on earth should we ever be taking a price hike when they do.

        • Nonsense. The point doesn’t stand at all. Everyone pays for their Gold subscription so they can play games online. That’s the only reason anyone pays for Xbox Live.

          US members do not get any additional features (save for Last.FM) for the same fee. Everything they do get costs them extra, just as it would cost us extra if it were available here.

          • However, say game X comes out on both console A and console B. If, on console A, you are able to buy paid DLC, but on B there’s no DLC, I think most people would argue that the console A version is better.

            Likewise, X-Box Live is in America and Australia, and is pretty much the same in both places. In America, however, you are able to buy indie games and Netflix movies. I would argue that makes the American Live better, at least by a small fraction.

  • Yeah and no xbox live content hike either… Oh well, its comparatively inexpensive if you get the prepaid things from ebay

  • Who wants to bet when that time rolls around, suddenly we get a price hike as well. Judging by the Xbox Australia to Xbox Consumer screwage ratio over the last few years, I’d say odds are pretty good!

  • hmmm… so have they inadvertently let slip that we might have been playing too much in the first place this whole time before all these awesome features?

    Interesting time to announce though, not long after the PS Plus subscription went live, making their service now $10 more expensive, Sony will see this as good news.

    Perhaps they were in before Kinect, as they feel they will have a lot of new customers…

  • I would gladly take a $10 XBL price hike if our games were priced on par with the Americans. Just buying one new game would save enough to cover 4 years worth of the additional XBL cost.

  • Consider this “Halo Tax”
    What a coincidence this comes JUST when REACH is on the verge of comming out.

  • I have noticed that some retailers here in AUS are charging moew than the RRP for Sunscription cards and Points cards, what a rip! I have found them at the RRP at GAME but I would have thought Big W or JB wold have cut the RRP prices, not increase them!

  • If they had hiked the price, I’d have traded in for a PS3.

    Sod all movies, next to no indie video (Guild, Dicks, e.t.c) and NO FRAKKING TV.

    So yeah, hardly giving us the same level of content.
    (Multiplayer may be okay, but the point of XBL was gaming OR video, not just gaming with a tiny side order of a few videos!)

    • No, the point of a Gold subscription is online multiplayer gaming. It is not video.

      You pay your subscription to primarily play games online… plus parties and take advantage of the Deals of the Week and the odd exclusive demo. (Oh, and Facebook and Twitter.)

      Video Marketplace can be accessed by anyone with a Live account, Gold or Silver, and you pay only for what you download.


      • Have you considered the time saving advantages of some sort of auto-reply script?

        If the article is about xbox live gold and the comment contains certain keywords like “free”, “” and “netflix”, automatically post the explanation of exactly what the subscription gives, perhaps followed by a few generic insults and that picard facepalm jpg

  • MS seem to have lost interest in the gaming industry lately or they are just run by idiots. they seem to be going backwards at the moment

  • David, can you explain what is going on with Dead Rising Case 0 in another post?

    Some people are saying its not delayed in Australia, some are saying it is. Its not on marketplace yet even though its the 31st.

  • I don’t mind paying the money for live, it’s really a nice service and one of the reasons I bought a 360. The cost is more than offset for me by the discounts, but I am mad that Aus doesn’t get all the value-add.

    We’ll see how hard they ream us when Foxtel comes on…

    • Again I ask, what value add are we missing out on? Last.FM is basically it.

      Foxtel will require a Gold subscription and whatever your chosen Foxtel package costs. That’s how it works in the UK with Sky, in France with Canal+ and soon in the US with ESPN.

        • You’re right, I’d forgotten about 1 Vs. 100. Although, it has now been canned in the US, so we’re back to just Last.FM again.

          • I don’t have access to A-B the US xbox live service but I suspect there’s more to it. Please note that my post is actually complimentary of live.

          • You seem to be ignoring the fact that while we can choose to be a silver member and not game, as a Gold member we CANNOT get access to other benefits that are availble to people who pay for the gold membership in the US. (Noting that ESPN as an example is only available to Xbox LIVE Gold members).

            You say it’s about gaming, and not all these other things, completely writing off the fact that they are features that some Australians (including myself) would place value in. They are not valueless, you just cannot perceive the value they provide to anyone.

          • You have missed the point. The argument I’m countering is the one that says we are getting ripped off because we’re paying the same fee for fewer features than Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the US. There is no extra value for your Gold fee in the US other than Last.FM which, as I’ve mentioned, is the only additional feature US Gold subscribers get.

            For your annual fee in Australia you get every single feature the US gets, except for Last.FM. If a US Live Gold subscriber is also a paid subscriber to Netflix, they can access that service via Live. Netflix isn’t part of the Gold subscription. (Additionally, Netflix itself does not do business outside of North America, so it’s a moot point.) At some point in the future, US Live Gold subscribers who are also Hulu Plus and ESPN paid subscribers, will be able to access those services via Live.

            Equally, later this year, Australian Live Gold subscribers who also pay for a Foxtel subscription will be able to access Foxtel via Live. Again, Foxtel, like Netflix, like ESPN, like Hulu Plus, is not part of your Gold subscription.

            Sure, there’s a larger selection of movies and TV shows in the US Marketplace, but again these are not free. You pay for them regardless of whether you are a Live Gold subscriber or a Silver member.

            Finally, for legal and classification reasons, the Xbox Live Indie Games channel is not available in Australia. Again, these are not free. You pay for them regardless of whether you are a Live Gold subscriber or a Silver member.

            So, I think we can safely conclude that: when comparing what a US Gold subscriber pays in annual fees versus what an Australian Gold subscriber pays in annual fees, the only difference is the former can use Last.FM via his or her console.

          • Completely agree, but perhaps there is another way too look at it which explains (partially) why there is no price increase for us.

            The subscription paid allows us to play online, that’s fine, but my assumption is that the subscription paid to Microsoft is used to cover the cost of infrastructure, maintainance and development of Live.

            So as a US customer, my subscription at some point covers features like Netflix, Indie Games, etc… even though I would still have an additional cost if I used them. Sure MS doesn’t run Netflix, but MS has to make sure there end of this service is working fine.

            We are getting Foxtel and our subscriptions would be paying to get this up and running also, even before it’s available or if we choose to buy into it later on.

            Even though it would never happen, but it would be awesome to see the cost of the subscription was adjusted for each territory based on what features are available. If Indie Games never make it here, then our subscriptions are lower because of it.

            I know this is dreamworld stuff… but ummmm… yeah! :p

          • no indie games channel? that was actually going to be my reason for getting the XBL service. seriously. I can’t actually believe people are willing to pay $80 a year to play online multiplayer and just that, it boggles the mind.

            I do realise that’s what it’s set up for and I do realise that there are legal reasons outside of MS’ control for us not having the indie games channel, you don’t need to ram those points down my throat like you have been doing else where on the board. I just don’t see the value in the current system. At all.

          • “I can’t actually believe people are willing to pay $80 a year to play online multiplayer and just that, it boggles the mind.”

            Just to put this into perspective for you,
            60 day card for WoW is $39.95RRP
            So, ~$240 for the year to “play online multiplayer”.

      • the point that there trying to make is that the usa can get outher things that we cant in aus if i could get netflix i world probaley its like the fact that we couldint use voice commends with the kinect when it frist came out even thow that was one of the main salling points of it i think thats what thay mean any way

  • I would like to see some form of renewal discount from MS like every consecutive 3rd year is 50% off or something like that… That would be nice touch MS..

  • I don’t care about Netflix or Foxtel, but I’d be happy if we finally got Indie Games or Rock Band Network access. Does anyone know if there any plans for Microsoft to ever get that set up over here?

    • From what I’ve heard, and I might be wrong, the reason we dont get the Indie Channel is that none of the stuff on there is classified.

      And thanks to our Nanny State, Australians cant get access to anything that hasn’t been approved by the Classification Board.

      Since it costs Dev’s a couple grand to get things Classified, its just not an option for Indie Devs.

  • No-one else notice that the AU$79.99 is still much more expensive than the US$59.99 (59 USD = ~ 66 AUD ATM)? Rage would be very rightly justified if they decided to price hike us in Aus.

    Doesn’t really effect me anyway, never paid for live and never will (why should I pay for something I can get on the PC for free?)

    • They don’t need to justify, they just need to most xbox live subscribers are suckers, and they can milk them at anytime.

  • I’ve been expecting the price of Live to go DOWN, not up!

    I don’t know how M$ can explain to US consumers how this ISN’T simply gouging – a 20% price rise with no additional features whatsoever, and I’m guessing there’s 10-20 million Gold accounts in North America so this price rise is worth hundreds of millions of dollars per annum.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a big consumer backlash over it. I’d be discontinuing live over it. I don’t care if it’s “only” $20 a year more, the cost of hardware goes down constantly, the cost of software goes down constantly, yet your going to raise the price of a “service” – free to PC users – without any additional value?

    The only useful thing that Gold does is let you play games online, otherwise it’s just a hub for you to spend more money, on games (good) and avatar items, videos and other horseshit.

    For a user like me, who plays Halo a couple of times a month with faraway friends, a price rise like this would just be downright insulting.

  • I refuse to pay microsoft for multiplayer when nintendo, sony, and PCs do it for free.

    I find it insulting they demand this of people. What exactly is the money paying for?

    • Maintanence, updates, and alot more access to content, all managed extremely well and keeping it’s fluidity. PS3’s online play is very uncontrolled and no offence to PS3 fans but it’s shit. I am a Sony fan, and so I’m not picking sides about better consoles. But Xbox Live is a much better experience as in terms for online play as compared to the Playstation Network play. As for Nintendo I’m not sure as I don’t have a Wii console and have not attempted playing online on one.

  • Appreciate that you are sticking to your guns David. The only other thing that springs to mind for the US vs Australia debate is competitions. Back when I would check out Major Nelson there seemed to be plenty of competitions that were only ever open to US resident gold subscribers.

    • competitions? you’re serious? That’s a perk of living in the U.S not having xbox live gold. At 22c a day (79.95) i consider that pretty cheap. That covers servers, party chat and as much time on the service as you want. I would have been pissed off if i had Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PS3 on launch week and not been able to play because of server issues, due to the fact that sony don’t charge for the service and leave it up to the developers to source 3rd party servers. Reliability…That’s value enough for me.

  • guys, guys, chill. the only people who pay the full $79.95 AUD RRP are uniformed idiots, whom buy everything from retail stores. You can buy the full 12 month gold subscriptions at various places for a much cheaper price online. e.g. (around $63 – free delivery), ($59.70 – free delivery). And our games are not that much expensive either. To buy a ‘new’ game in retail stores, you can pay from $69-$109 (depending on the games popularity). whereas on and other online stores you can buy games for around $30-$50 (including delivery). Even games like Halo Reach which was just released, you can buy on eBay for as little as $41 (ON THE FIRST DAY OF RELEASE!). so chill Australia, just chill.

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