OK, This Gaming Tattoo Is Pretty Amazing Too


    Personal opinion? The first guys is way better.

    Still cool though.

    I don't really like the look of either of them.

    Other guy has more characters, better drawn.

    I do like the other one better, but purely for the nice fresh colours, and they will fade.
    They are both excellent though, so if one was not brand new then it would be a tough decision to pick the best.

    Stunning penmanship (is the right term for a tattooist?) in both the pics above and the video posted earlier. The colours are gloriously vivid.

    Massive props to both guys, and their very understanding partners and family!

    The reason the second guys isn't quite as bright is simply that his tat is older. The first guys is pretty new.

    I rate Adam's personally.

    Is that Nel from Star Ocean 3...?

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