One Week 'Til QuakeCon

It's a week until QuakeCon, one week until John Carmack's keynote (which turned into a three-hour liveblog on an iPhone by me last year), one week until... Doom IV?

I'll be out in Texas next week to give Kotaku readers full coverage of the big event. Plus I'm hosting a panel!

This panel:

‘Building Immersive Worlds and Stories' Panel August 13, 1:00pm in the Cortez Room Chris Rhinehart from Human Head Emil Pagliarulo from Bethesda Game Studios Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios

Fallout: New Vegas coverage? Brink coverage? Hunted coverage? Bank on it.

And id chief Todd Hollandshead wasn't kidding last year at QuakeCon '09 when he said they'd talk about Doom "next year", right? 2010 is next year, Todd. id has been working on the game since 2008.

Expect live coverage of QuakeCon 2010 kicking off a week from today.


    Wonder if Todd still has that luxurious ponytail....
    Anyway, DOOM IV! WOOO!

    They'd bloody well better. I've been hanging out for that game ever since I finished Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

    Hopefully this time they can strike a better balance between the stylish, creepy, atmospheric survival horror of Doom 3 and the over-the-top, balls-to-the-wall, open air, one-man-versus-a-thousand-demons ludicrous gibs of the original 2 games. Doom 3 was great, but it seemed like it was trying to be System Shock 2 rather than a Doom game. Bring back open areas, huge waves of weak enemies that can be gleefully slaughtered in droves with devastating weapons and massive carnage!

    release quake for iphone already!!!

    no i dont wanna jailbreak.

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