PC Gamers To Get Some Triple X

PC Gamers To Get Some Triple X

PC Gamers To Get Some Triple XThat’s three games called X, and all their expansions in one box, by the way. Get your filthy mind out of the gutter.

X: Beyond the Frontier is a huge, space-faring RPG from German developer Egosoft. X begat X2: The Threat which, in turn, begat X3: Reunion, along with a bunch of add-ons, all continuing the tale of trading, politics and ship-to-ship combat across the vast expanses of the galaxy.

The X games aren’t for everyone. But if you dig games that don’t hold you by the hand, that don’t spell everything out in advance, that sometimes fail to even tell you what button does what and how the hell you’re meant to fly that thing… then X is definitely worth a look.

Which is why the upcoming compendium, from publisher Deep Silver and Aussie distributor QVS, is so attractive. The X Superbox sticks every X game, their expansions and a whole bunch of extra bonus content in one box. For AU$69.95 you get:

* X: Beyond the Frontier Updated to version 2.2 with improved screen resolutions

* X: TENSION Updated to version 2.2 with improved screen resolutions

* X2: The Threat Updated to version 1.5 and includes UPLINK online ranking

* X3: Reunion Updated to version 2.5 and includes: “Bala Gi`s Research Missions” and UPLINK online ranking

* X3: Terran Conflict Updated to version 3.0 featuring all new: “Balance of Power” missions Includes all new “Dead is Dead” mode (requires Steam online connection) Includes Steam online achievement system (requires Steam online connection) Includes “A New Home” and “Aldrin” mission sets” Includes UPLINK online ranking

* All-new exclusive book: The X Encyclopedia The ultimate compendium of X universe knowledge, written by Helge Kautz, author of Farnham’s Legend and many other books about the X universe. This 300-page encyclopedia covers historic events, technology, the important personalities and much much more.

* Superbox BONUS DVD: A collection of material created by Egosoft’s fan community, bonus Egosoft content from previous collector’s editions and bonus CDs, including exclusive, previously-unreleased material. These includes: Many scripts and mods for X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict “Plugin Manager” helps with installation and management of mods and scripts MP3 Soundtrack Guides, walkthroughs and tutorials for beginners and advanced players alike Artwork, fan-stories, screenshots, music and videos created by the community Official Concept Art Collection Many game-modding tools

Better yet, no DRM whatsoever. The X Superbox is released on PC in Australia on October 28.


  • This is an AWESOME idea. Just one problem…. I don’t think anyone would have the time to speed playing all 34 of these games to justify getting the pack, let alone one of them.

  • I had to import X back in the day cos I couldn’t find it – cost over $100
    Great games – closest anyone has come to replicating Elite.

  • Always wanted to have a shot with these game but the time commitment…

    If I did I think I’d need a good joystick that works well with these titles. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • I wonder if the pack will show up on Steam or just on shelves.

    In an attempt to reduce clutter in my house I kinda decided to go digital for almost all of my PC needs where possible.

  • Thats absolutely fantastic news!!

    I’m still yet t Play an game in this series, but with how much a lot of people on here talk it up i’m really keen to pick it up now… this’ll be a buy for me! 😀

    Cheers for the head up David!

  • Loved the first few hours of X2, but proved very complicated once it got going. Have been trying to find X3, so might pick this one up. Thanks for the tip.

    I do miss good space sims though – Freelancer was great in its day. Sigh.

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