Pirate Dog Wins Australia's Best Indie Game Award

Jolly Rover, a pirate-themed adventure game from Melbourne developer Brawsome, won the Best Australian Game award at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival last night.

"This is a huge honour for me and the team that worked very hard to make my dream a reality!" says Andrew Goulding, head of Jolly Rover developer Brawsome.

"Since Jolly Rover just won the award for best game I decided I could do what I liked for the rest of the night, so I decided to go home and spend time with my family who have been so supportive over this long project. I don’t care how cheesy it sounds, but reading my two year old daughter a story before she goes to bed is more important to me than any after party."

The Freeplay Awards are all about honouring creativity, artistry, and innovation in the local indie development community.

"When we first decided to introduce awards, we could never have predicted the range and quality of the games we'd receive," says Eve Penford-Dennis, co-director of Freeplay. "The winning projects demonstrate the personal drive and outlook of their developers – which is exactly what we want to encourage through the Freeplay event and the awards. We look forward to seeing what people can do between now and 2011."

You can check out Jolly Rover on Steam. The other award winners are:

Best Australian Game Sword Lady & The Viking - Up Down Ready Brawsome - Jolly Rover Finn Morgan – Colourbind

Winner: Brawsome – Jolly Rover

Best International Game Mahdi Bahrami (Iran) - Bo Anders Højsted (Denmark) - TryFail Yellow Jam (Brazil) – Last Hope

Winner: Yellow Jam (Brazil) – Last Hope

Best Design in a Game Sword Lady & The Viking - Up Down Ready Alexander Bruce - Hazard: The Journey Of Life The Voxel Agents - Train Conductor

Winner: Sword Lady & The Viking - Up Down Ready

Best On-Paper Design Tobye Ryan - Epic Adventure Timothy Ryan - iCrazy Man Katie Murphy – Galaqua

Winner: Timothy Ryan - iCrazy Man

Best Art in a Game Farbs - Captain Forever (series) Alexander Bruce - Hazard: The Journey Of Life KlickTock - Doodle Find

Winner: Farbs – Captain Forever (series)

Best Concept Art Fiasco Studios - Exodus Evan Raynor - City Ruins CatBus Interactive - Speed Demon

Winner: Fiasco Studios - Exodus

Best Technical Innovation Farbs - Captain Forever (series) Finn Morgan - Colourbind Sword Lady & The Viking - Up Down Ready

Winner: Finn Morgan - Colourbind

Best Game Writing Farbs - Captain Forever (series) Alexander Bruce - Hazard: The Journey Of Life PVI Collective – Transumer

Winner: PVI Collective - Transumer

Best Audio The Voxel Agents - Train Conductor Tin Man Games - Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes Brawsome - Jolly Rover

Winner: The Voxel Agents – Train Conductor


    rise of the iphone games...

      Rise of the iphone games????

      I count two iphone games there. Go back to school.

    Well done guys - really want to play this game when i have time to actually sit down and enjoy it

    That speech text looks alot like the text from Monkey Island 3

    Oh, that game looked good when they showed it at IDGA. I'm glad he one because it sounded like he worked extremely hard on it

    I disagree, Mega Space Pew Pew should have won at least 2 out of the above categories.

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