Plants Vs Zombies Looks Great On Xbox Live Arcade's Lawn

I never thought I'd be this excited about a game I've already played on three other platforms. Take a look at new screens and a trailer for Plants Vs Zombies for Xbox Live Arcade.

I first played Plants Vs Zombies on the PC and loved it. Then I played it on the iPhone and still adored it, despite my big sausage fingers getting in the way. The iPad version controlled perfectly, but the gameplay was starting to get a stale.

Now Popcap is releasing Plants Vs Zombies for Xbox Live Arcade on September 8, and I couldn't be more excited. The game looks larger and more colourful than ever, packed with new features to keep the rotting corpses fresh. The thought of playing co-op has me salivating. Really. It's disgusting.


    I only found this on the iPod earlier this year but have since played through 6nto 10 times since. Love it.

    Only question is how does it control on a console. And will they put the live version of lUra singing the end game song please. Love it.

    My thoughts exactly shady. I would think this would be more suited to a wii style control system. I can't imagine how hard it's going to be trying to chase the suns around with a cursor controlled by a stick :|

      Whooo! This looks awesome :D
      Co-op was one of the only things lacking in the other PvZs.
      I figured there would be multi-player mini-games, but 2player adventure mode as well :D Whoooooo!

    A month?! Gaaah!

    Will be interesting to see if Disco Zombie is a win or a fail too.

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