Playboy Gets Into The Online Gaming Business

Playboy has had enough of letting people simply licence games based on the magazine and its bunnies, today revealing a deal with online developer Bigpoint to host games on the magazine's website.

The first of these games, due out later this year, is called Poisonville, which as you can see by the trailer is a poor man's Grand Theft Auto turned into a browser game with added tits. Actually, we're not even sure about the tits, as everyone seems strangely over-dressed for a Playboy game.

Despite the GTA appearance, Poisonville is described as a massively-multiplayer online game, so if gunning down bikers with a girl in tiny jeans sounds like your idea of fun, you can keep up with things on Playboy's site.


    WOW!!! THAT LOOKS..... quite horrible...

    That was... the most lamest thing... I ever saw... yet...

    if that's web browser based, that is really nice work

    That a... That's the reason I go to the playboy website.... for the games, and the articles of course.

    This looks like it will fail harder than APB

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...

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