Playing World Of Warcraft In StarCraft II

There are World of Warcraft Blizzard fans, and there are StarCraft Blizzard fans. What do you get when the two meet? You get a World of Warcraft StarCraft II mod.

Kotakuite Goatnuke tipped us off to this nifty little mod, which takes World of Warcraft and crams it into StarCraft II, complete with a pair of frolicking Draenei. YouTube user and mod creator Glomby is a self-professed "complete noob" when it comes to modding, and the mod has no gameplay to speak of, but it still stands as a rather stunning example of what you can do with tools Blizzard has provided.


    dam thats impressive

    is it just me... or are those graphics a shit tonne better than the real WoW!!?? lol

      Cata'll fix it :P

        doubt it since WoW is all about its cartoony art style which means that they cant achieve something that looks that good

        While Cata is making enormous improvements to the Engine, it's simply way too far down the line in WoW's lifespan to make it look 'better' overall. For instance, if they wanted to redo an older player model (like standard night elves or orcs for example) they'd have to remodel every single piece of armour. Multiply this by 8 (the number of vanilla classes) and you're basically making a new game.

    Well, Wow IS 5 years old whereas SC2 is very new. I'm not surprised it's looking better.

    What IS surprising is that SC2 isn't the most hardware-intensive game. In classical Blizz fashion, they made it as playable on as many systems as possible. I'm astounded it looks as good as it does, using only map-editing tools and mods.

    That isn't a draenai.

    that's the humanoid form of the red dragonflight leader Alexstrazsa.
    which is a blood elf female with her epic dragon horns.

    I obviously play too much WoW....

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