PlayStation 3 Destroyed In A Fire Looks Like This

Reader Eric tells us his home caught on fire and, in it, his PlayStation 3. Happily, Eric fared well enough that he was able to snap photos of his post-inferno PlayStation and send them our way.


    Does it still work?

    baby jesus wept.. i bet he put a plug in to see if it worked. i know i would have lol

    Best PS3 evar. Joke.

    Disappointed, no mention of whether or not it still turns on :P

      Wow when I posted there were no replies, after I posted there's 3, first 2 said the exact same thing as me!

      Great minds think alike.

      I personally find that the guy living to take the pictures is more important that whether or not the console still boots.

        Spoilers: The guy is still alive.
        Next question: Does it still work?

    My next move would be to put it in the dishwasher

    Reminds me of that Gameboy blown up in the original Iraq war that Nintendo have on display at Nintendo World in New York City.

    Yes, but more importantly...will it blend?

    Still in this condition its more functional than a 360 XD

      you're an idiot

        Xbox fan boy I smell?

    Mmmm, glazed chocolate cake.

    Just give it a kick in the side, it will work fine!

    Oh god

    Kill it with fire.


    That's the most delicious looking chocolate cake I've ever seen!

    Mmm extra crispy!

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