PlayStation Network Down For Repairs

Can't connect to the PlayStation Network? That's because much of the PlayStation Network is down, and will be for half the day.

Sony say the service's servers went offline at 0030 Pacific Time, and won't be back until 1230 PT, a downtime of approximately (these things are never to the minute) twelve hours.

During that time, you definitely won't be able to access the PlayStation Store or Account Management, and users "may encounter difficulty" trying to even sign into the PlayStation Network.

The downtime is for regularly scheduled maintenance, so go make yourselves useful and come back after lunch. Or dinner, depending on where you are in the world!


    I was playing soccer with my little sisters :)

    I would call that being useful.

    Now so sit back, relax and do some leveling up on Bad Company 2 multipla......DAMMIT!

    Queer that tommorow is the PS3 mod chip injunction case as well.

      Agreed. Apparently in the injunction Sony got access to the PS Jailbreak hardware. And now, half a day out from when they have to return it, the PSN is down for "scheduled maintenance". Until I see a schedule that was published before the mod chip came out, I am going to be a bit sceptical of this.

    They must be downloading the patches.

    I hope Sony beats this Jailbreak stuff, I like knowing that the machine isn't compromised for potential piracy at the expense of Sony and other game developers.

      OK, but what about those who override the system to play backups of games they have bought?

      I admit I have no intention of tampering with mine anytime soon, but I do know that optical media is not 100% indestructible.

      Overtime, disks can wear out and if the wear is in the centre hole, it does not take long for a crack to form.

      I always pay for my games, and one of the concerns I have is what to do if the disk starts to wear out. I would love for me to have some piece of mind and be able to duplicate my install disks and keep the originals in a safe place.

        That is agreeable but unfortunately the gap between backing up legit bought games and piracy of other games can't easily be separated. Yes backing up is an awesome thing, since it no longer has your disk as a single point of failure (I would be behind doing that too considering how many of my game disks got screwed cuz of accident prone people scratching it too much or idiot friends using it as a coaster while I'm out :P), but this opens the door to illegal copies being made using the exact same system.

        It may not be great, but it is secure for Sony to win this and keep piracy away from their products completely. This will ensure value to PS3 game developers making sure that people buy their games more and will contribute to those devs earning what they truly deserve for all their hard work in putting those games together

          I'm all for ensuring that developers get paid for their efforts, but at the same time, the measures taken to prevent piracy are often intrusive and tend to harm legitimate customers more than the pirates.

          I still recall one time when I bought a game for my PC only to find that I could not play it because the copy protection was not compatible with the Toshiba DVD drive in my computer.

            Well until those people stop trying to pirate everything and hack to make everything "free" just because they're not willing to let their bank balance bleed a little, that's going to be the way it has to be.

            And I know what that's like, getting a game that failed to mention some specific hardware it doesn't like so it doesn't even run the game after installing. I decided to make it into a birthday present for a buddy of mine and it worked for him just fine so luckily it wasn't a total loss.

              I have rarely heard of a disc wearing out, their designed to last longer than a human lifespan so I think it's a mute argument. Scrathced disc's yes they are a pain but are not enough reason for "backup" means.

              Everyone think their "entitled" to this backup nonsense, you can't backup your toy collection, game console hardware etc. You break it you replace it it's the laws of life.
              Plus in 40years little to no one will be replaying their games of yesterdecade to warrant "backups"

    this is why I couldn't get on the other day ? frustrating I didn't know the cause.

    Whenever Sony does this 'scheduled maintenance' thing (Granted I only hear about it through Kotaku), something always changes on the other side.

    Like others I am guessing it is linked to the USB modchip.

      This comes as no surprise. A patch came out shortly after the PS3 finally got hacked.

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