PlayStation Network Summer Sale Includes Some Amazing Deals

You've got a little less than a week left to buy games like GTA: Chinatown Wars, Fat Princess and PixelJunk Shooter for half price.

The Playstation Network Summer Sale runs through to Monday, August 9 in the US and Canada. Here's a breakdown of what you can get:

PS3 Fat Princess – $US7.49 sale; $US14.99 reg. PixelJunk Shooter – $US4.99 sale; $US9.99 reg. Groovin' Blocks – $US4.99 sale; $US9.99 reg. Madden NFL Arcade – $US7.49 sale; $US14.99 reg. Wakeboarding HD – $US7.49 sale; $US14.99 reg.

PSP The Eye of Judgment Legends – $US14.99 sale; $US29.99 reg. echoshift – $US7.49 sale; $US14.99 reg. Patchwork Heroes – $US4.99 sale; $US9.99 reg. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars – $US14.99 sale; $US29.99 reg. Lunar Silver Star Harmony – $US14.99 sale; $US29.99 reg.

minis Tetris – $US4.99 sale; $US9.99 reg. Dracula Undead Awakenings – $US2.49 sale; $US4.99 reg. Monsters Probably Stole My Princess – $US2.49 sale; $US4.99 reg. Zombie Tycoon – $US2.49 sale; $US4.99 reg. Bloons – $US1.49 sale; $US2.99 reg.


    Well this makes me happy I have a working US account. Lunar is a definate. I'll have to debate Chinatown Wars for a while.

      How do you pay for things? Does it accept an Australian credit card, or do you have to buy US PSN cards online?

    Yes I fully agree with the things presented here in this page !

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