Pokemon: Black And White Is Going To Be Popular

The next entry in the Pocket Monster series, Pokemon: Black and White, isn't out, but people in Japan are keen to buy it.

Pre-orders for the game have surpassed the one million mark, making it the fatest Nintendo DS game to hit one million pre-orders.

The game is on pace to hit 1.5 million pre-orders before it goes on sale.

The last entry in the Pocket Monster series, Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl, sold three million copies in its first 48 hours on sale.



    There's something about this new version that I like. It might be the new direction they've taken with the game world, the vast improvements they've done to the way to the game looks and renders, or even the massive online component they're touting.

    In the end, I'm hoping this is a renewed Gold/Silver for the newer generation.

      There was a renewed Gold and Silver it was called Heart Gold and Soul Silver...
      But anyway I'm excited for pokemon I grew up on it, and bought each game and I can't wait for this

        I think he meant in terms of innovation...

    It must be lovely being a Japanese developer. You just churn out the same uninspired material and continue to make millions. It's like the consumers are encouraging stagnation and conservatism.

      On the other hand, it's POKEMON. What did you expect? It's like electronic crack for kids. And adults. And most teens as well.

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