Pokemon: Black & White Is Wall To Wall New Pokemon

Upcoming Nintendo DS game Pokemon: Black and White is the fifth generation of Pocket Monster games. A new game means new Pokemon.

Pokemon game developer Junichi Masuda blogged this about Black and White: "Right up to the ending, it's all new Pokemon." The reason why, Masuda continues, is that the team wants young and old players to begin from the same starting point, so they can enjoy discovering new Pocket Monsters.

According to Masuda, those outside of the studio who have played the game say Black and White feels "fresh". One player says it's feels new — like playing through first Pokemon games.

Pokemon: Black and White might not have the Pokemons you know and love. It has your new favourites Pocket Monsters.

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    A lot of people critize Pokemon for seemingly re-hashing the same game, but every generation brings over 100 completely new monsters, and dozens of gameplay changes


      I'm a huge fan, love all the games, we have all but Platinum in the house (Couldn't justify it at the time)....

      But to call them completely unique is a bit of a stretch. Most of them are, at best, variations on a theme, and really, there's only so many iterations the system allows. Most of them wallow in mediocrity for any serious play, and some look so similar as to be too-close.

      That said, this is the way it should have been EVERY game, or at the least older pokemon the exception rather than the rule.

      Maybe this will mean more variety, too, oddly speaking. I'd love if the next game didn't have a Bibarel or a Zubat that you encounter in every. since. zone. in. the. game.

    now i will buy a ds

      Wouldn't you just wait for the 3DS?

    I will buy it if none of the ones we have are in it. It's just getting annoying having to buy loads and loads of games to get all the Pokemon.

    orininal red on the game boy was(for me)the best pokemon ever.....wait maybe it was yellow yeah now that i think aboput it it was yellow cause i finished the crap out of that game got the thing 100% complete got ma diploma from oak and i was like "best game ever"

    So does this mean that I'll actually be able to catch them all? Or will the Pokedex still go to, like, 1000 Pokemon that require me to have played every Pokemon game over 6 consoles and have lived in Japan?

    Kinda harsh when its so hard to get a hold of a friggin Squirtle!

    I think this is an interesting approach to the game. One of the problems I face after 4 generations of the game is the sinking feeling I get when I use water gun against another geodude or get confused by another zubat in a cave.

    Ensuring players will have completely fresh teams and will be fighting against completely fresh opposition is one way to revitalise the game.

    I'm just waiting for them to dramatically (or in some way) alter the basic battle design which has gone unchanged since gen 1. It's still a simple you go then I go, one attack per turn and variations of this. The game needs to advance beyond this simplicity.

    It might be "fresh" (which would be nice!) but something new would be better.
    How about a pokemon game with a real-time battle system. I'm thinking WoW-style gameplay with a half decent plot and quests.

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