Portal 2 Co-op Trailer Shows How Teamwork Gets Things Done

Oh man. If you were wondering how co-op would work in Valve's upcoming Portal 2, wonder no more. It works a little something like this.


    Cool unique take! I was wondering who the 'player 2' was going to be, I was glad they did something like this instead of the standard 'you are both the same person' thing that most co-op games are doing.

      In saying that, you might as well say that player 1 is also different. Though, I wouldn't go far to say as it is unique, just shows some deeper thought than straight up clones playing to achieve the same objectives.

    I am glad they could work together.

    For science.

    The monsters.

    The only problem I have with that trailer is that unless you're a Portal veteran, it won't be apparent why two people are needed to do that. I was hoping for some mind-boggling multi-portal madness.

      This was only a very small co-op teaser. These guys are responsible for one of the best games of recent times - I'm sure we'll see an awesome mix of multi-portal puzzles, a well thought out learning curve (compatible with both new players and pros) and a whole bunch of stuff they haven't even hinted at in this video. I have faith!

    combat androids... at LAST!

    Anybody else see that the blue android-thing had only blue portals and the orange one I presume would only have orange portals?

    Looks cool
    but i was hoping for one of the people/androids to have a red and green portal gun and the other person have the old blue and orange.
    also i thought this would happen cause people on the steam forums were going on about it

    one word came out of my mouth after seeing that.

    "ooo000OOOOO000ooooh" (oo sound like poo(sorry bad example))

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