Portal 2 Out In February

Portal 2, delayed from a 2010 release, won't be out that far into 2011. The game will be out on February 9, according to a tweet from the always-informed Geoff Keighley. He teases more on the game on Game Trailers TV this Friday.

According to a Computer and Video Games report from Gamescom in Germany, Office co-writer and actor Stephen Merchant will do voice acting for Wheatley, the British robot featured in the game's trailers.

Here is some footage of Portal 2 as it was shown at Gamescom today.


    Gameplay looks amazing, but I prefer the old Wheatley voice :(

    I was a bit sceptical of a full-priced portal sequel (the gameplay of the last one grew tiresome towards the end... and that was only 3 hours!) but the trailers that I've seen seem to have introduced enough new mechanics to keep it fresh and interesting.

    Either way, I'll buy this for the TF2 hat they will no doubt bundle with pre-orders...

    At first I was thinking it rather curious that Merchant's delivery was somewhat Ricky Gervais-like. Then I discovered that he works with Gervais on lots of things.

    AWESOME. Also love steve merchant, he's great on the audiobooks/ postcasts. Good revoicing.

    Like the new voice a bit more, but I do hope they still run it througha filter to sound more computer-like.

    So wait, was that a new tool at around the 9:00 mark? It looks like some kind of laser slide...which would be awesome!

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