Portal Song Slowed Down 800%, Bieber-Style

We now know how to make a Justin Bieber song sound good: slow it down 800 per cent. But what happens when Portal's Still Alive, that great video game song from Jonathan Coulton, gets the same treatment? Listen.


    That is some awesomely trippy music. Listen to this immediately if you have yet to do so.

    Reminds me very much of "one perfect day" where the guy records crickets and slows them down so they sound like a chior of angels.

    This is amazing, and I must have it to help me fall asleep.

    This sounds like an epic song to an epic movie or game.

    Wow, I had winamp running (Thought I paused it) but had a song called "Te Deum" by Mergner et Amici playing in the background to this, was really eary. the track is mainly harp stuff with still alive added is really freaky.

    Still sounds like Justin Beiber, what a surprise.

      Its not Justin Beiber

      The Zek99 is a lie.

      This is a triumph, I'm making a note here, huge success.

    Damn, I need this for Osmos

      People play osmos?

    sounds like jean michel jarre or brian eno

    "Boy 1904", by Jonsi and Alex

    You will love

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