Portland Bicyclists Get A Boost From Mario Kart

Portland is a serious bicycling community. But not so serious that it can't have some fun with its bike lanes. Some wag painted a whole bunch of Mario Kart items along a stretch of North Williams Avenue in the city.

The symbols include speed boost arrows, bananas, mushrooms, and stars. So far nothing exotic or offense-based, like the shells. They they're to provide a little humor and inspiration to cyclists commuting home.

Writes one biker on a Portland bike blog:

As I pedal home from work, though, I find it engaging and humorous. Would motorists similarly decorate their lanes? I suspect not - this good-natured vandalism is a sign that bikers take pride in their bike lanes and the biking community we've created.

No one's claimed responsibility and there's no word from the city about removing them.

A Bike Lane Video Game On N. Williams [BikePortland.org; video by KATU-TV, Portland. Thanks Alvaro. G!]


    Hopefully it doesn't get removed, I'd love it if some bike lanes here had that happen! Though hopefully no one puts boxes, that'd end in tears.

    Where's the Red Turtle Shells?!?

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