Prank Redecorates Sega Desk As Green Hill Zone

Aaron Webber, Sega's community manager, went on a three-week holiday and came back to find his cubicle completely remade into the Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog. Check out the video; the attention to detail is impressive.

The best part is the rings hanging in midair, followed by the blue Robotnik/Sonic sign that spins as you whiz by at the end of the level. The clouds, trees and ramps all show a great deal of effort too. This probably took a good portion of the workday, if not all of it.

Webber's a good sport about it, and why wouldn't he be? I want to work in Green Hill Zone, too!

Who Wants To Work In The Green Hill Zone? [IGN, thanks Lee]


    Going to update the old resume with "master at arts and craft" and shoot one off to Sega :D

    Clearly the Sega guys have a lot of spare time :)

      This is definately a PR and marketing move too though. New sonic game coming out, make you think about him.

    Yes, remind someone of the days when you made games people actually wanted to play. His isn’t a prank, it’s a sick joke.

    ...then the boss fires them all for slacking.. lol

    Pretty great though :)

    Thats awesome. I wish I worked at SEGA :)

    Gee I wonder why Sega isn't a power player in the industry anymore?

    GET BACK TO WORK and stop making sonic games that ruin all my childhood memories.

    He didn't look too amused. Funny stuff anyway.

    I'd keep the desk that way.

    1) Quit slacking


    3) Make your Sonic games PLAYABLE and FUN like '89 to '94!
    (Okay, and Dreamcast. That was okay.)

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