Preorder Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood For Beta Access

The Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer beta may be a Gamestop exclusive in the US. In Australia, however, it's available for anyone who preorders from any retailer.

Remember, the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer beta is exclusive to PS3.

There are currently two limited editions available for preorder. EB has the Codex Edition, seen here, which comes in an ornate box with a 60-page book, map of Rome, cards, a DVD and loads of in-game unlockables. This retails for $148 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and $128 on PC.

JB Hi-Fi, meanwhile, has announced the Auditore Edition, pictured below, which comes in a funky box with a DVD, cards and a couple of in-game unlockables. This retails for $115 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and $99 on PC.


    I've already pre-ordered, can I just bomb into EB and ask for my code?

      Did it work?

    Score one for Australia!

    Pity it's on PS3 only, though.

    GAME have had the Auditore Edition available for about 2 months now... $114 on their online store.

    GAME have been claiming this Limited Edition also...

    Really really really really hate how Ubisoft have made 2 reasonably different editions again...

    Does the auditore ed come with dlc multiplayer character

    I want the jester dude, but I'm sure as hell not getting it from EB just for him. = /

    Any news on whether or not all the content is going to be available later on at some point, like what's happening with AC2?

      Hope so, I'm in the same boat...want to stab people as the creepy harlequin, but really don't need anything else in that set.

    How odd. Gamestop owns EB so I would have thought Aus would suffer the same fate. Oh well, I'm sure they'll screw us some other way.

    Still unsure of whether Brotherhood is a full blown game and not just a glorified add on yet.

      Don't jinxs it, i have my preorder with them.

    Ugh PS3 Beta access.

    Guess i'm just gonna have to wait til launch!
    Ah well...

    One things for sure, I won't be getting any of the Collector's Edition. They're just a novelty now with games. The added "goodies" aren't worth the extra price IMO. And half the time, they get looked at then stored away. Figurines are probably the only decent thing and even then it's not really worth it. DVDs are okay but its only something, I personally, would only watch once and can easily do so on YouTube.

    Not only that, Limited Editions of games are either becoming SO expensive like that GT5 one OR just really crap and cheap stuff!

    how stupid... the Eb edition don't have the lineage DVD and this one does. kinda like the AC2 white and black edition but with diff content. and the DLC..... don't even start with me on that one.. the AC2 black edition i got cant even connect onto the ubisoft uplay and download it..

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