Props To This Fallout 3 Prop

A3-21 Plasma Rifle from Fallout 3, assembled by Ryan Palser and painted by his wife, Dena. Loads more images on his Flickr account. Seen via Boing Boing.


    That... is.... BEAUTIFUL!!!


    They also made a laser rifle if you follow the thread!

    If only it worked.

      Thats what she said.

    Wow that's awesome! I specialized in energy weapons during my fallout 3 play through (nothing like turning ghouls into smouldering piles of ash, or dripping puddles of goo) so this really gets my nostalgia sense tingling, having held this very gun in game for a lot of my play time.

    Wow, this got me (poorly) making the noise the gun makes in game.

    I love reducing zombies to green goop and then promptly seeing my desktop because of a notorious CTD

    (see FOOK mod for more details!)

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