PSP Successor Has Touch Controls On Its Backside?

Sony has a lot of stuff on show to the public and the gaming press at GamesCom, but behind the scenes, the company is also reportedly showing off its next handheld.

The unnamed PSP successor is, according to "three separate development sources" speaking with Eurogamer, around the size of the existing PSP-3000, and has a "rich and detailed" screen.

The device's key feature, however, is its touch-sensitive controls, which are not on the screen, but rather behind it, on the back of the handheld.

Eurogamer's sources differed on a release for the console, one saying it would be out in 2011, another saying it would be later than that.

This is far from the first time we've heard a rumour about the PSP2 - indeed, it's closer to the 7142nd - but it is the first we've heard of these fancy touch-screen controls.

Sony has been contacted for comment, and we'll update you if we hear anything back.

New PSP has touch-sensitive controls [Eurogamer]


    hehe touch backside


      Fricken LOL.

    I can see this being the next Wii of peripherals... plastic ass cheek faceplates on the back anyone?

    I'd still like front touch screen... I can't imagine it being very easy to use, rather awkward really.

    Perhaps for gaming, but navigation through menu's and other things may seem weird?
    Let's just hope it has 2 analog sticks.

    how long as the psp go been out? Another one allready?

      Of course already. The PSPGo has been an abysmal failure by just about any metric.

      What do you mean "already" ?
      It's dying already. Has been for a long time.
      I've been waiting for an announcement for months now.

    Interesting, perhaps dynamic triggers or programmed face buttons that are specific to the game.

    Now, can anyone tell me how putting a touchscreen on the back will work?
    I mean, honestly, I can't think of any way that this is gonna work...

      First of all it's touch sensitive controls. Not a touch screen.
      Secondly, obviously Sony wouldn't design it like this (if the reports are true) if it didn't work...
      Maybe if you were a highly skilled engineer like the ones Sony have hired you could figure it out.
      Just wait for official design specs.

        Ahhhh, I see now, all I read was "touch" and assumed it was a touch screen. LOL.

        Cheers for the hint.

      Well it's not a touch screen, just touch controls..... still it's a bit retarded, but hey, it looks like Sony has decided to ape Ninty for a bit, I guess this is just the portable version of that

    It's happened. Someone took a look at someone using a PSP and said:

    "You know, they've got all of these FINGERS just RESTING on the back of the PSP. Lets put em to work."

    Probably primarily for video viewing and possibly browsing?

    It would be a lot more comfortable to fast forward, rewind and skip with a touch sensitive control.

    Similar to how Apple products work when you 'grab' the progress bar on a video and slide your finger down, THEN accross. The distance from the bar dictates the ratio at which your scrolling finger progresses the video / song.

    (that probably made no sense at all...)

    Actually this sounds like an interesting idea.
    Essentially a touchpad built into the back of the psp.

    Yeah, think of it as a laptop mouse trackpad on the back, or the original iPod touch sensitive wheel. I played with a very swish graphics tablet monitor, where you draw with a stylus on the screen (yeah like a DS but 100x the size and resolution) and it had several controls on the back so you can hold the whole screen (slightly deeper than your average flat screen monitor) as if its a drawing board or sketch pad. Having buttons right below your left hand fingers, with another slider on the front near your thumb, was brilliant. It not only gave you the ability to hold the screen as you would hold a non-digital sketching board/pad but it gave you control while you did it.

    IMO this is an OBVIOUS step for game controllers. Why do we have 15 buttons on the front where we only have 2 thumbs, and less on the backside where we have 8 fingers? The triggers and bumbers are the first step, but just having buttons under your ring and maybe pinky fingers would be more logical than making the thumbs dance all over the gamepad. Yes they'd have to be stiffer than average buttons so you don't click accidentally, etc, but it makes more sense to me!

    Love the idea, I was helping my 2 1/2yr son play a game on him mums iPhone the other day and my fat stubby figures all over the screen meant neither of us could see anything actually on the screen...

    This isn't too outlandish. The idea for a back surface touchpad isn't a new one. Motorola has a flip phone on the market right now with this very feature. It frees up the screen (which you wouldn't be able to see through your fat fingers) and also keeps it smudge free. That said, it does that some getting used to.

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