Rage Finally Has A Date

id Software's next big shooter, Rage, built on its next big engine, id Tech 5, now has a ship date. Get ready to wait a little longer for Rage, for it won't be out until September 2011.

The PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game will ship in the US on September 13, 2011. Europe will get it just two days later on September 15, 2011. That's a little later than we were expecting, given id CEO Todd Hollenshead's comments at last year's Quakecon, but, hey, things change.


    Wow nice Im looking Forward to this and they picked a pretty good time to sell it too i mean this year its a bad time there is so much Stuff on the Market its insane but next year around september doesnt seem like it will be as busy GJ this is going to be a Defenate Buy if they keep showing me that its is Worth my Time and money and so far it looks to be

    I can't get excited about this, there's something about it, is it gonna be Doom 4 in a different setting or are they gonna add something new to their games?

      Exactly what i thought. This game was first revealed what, three years ago? It looks as bland now as it did back then.


    Is all I can say. That's insane... I remember seeing an interview with one of the id guys, (I think it was on Gametrailers) he was like... "yeah, it'll be out this year" ... I'm very sad about this, and I bet this means Doom 4 will be two years after that. ;_;

    Sure RAGE is all the...rage, but it just doesnt *grab* me. Whats so interesting about it? We have done it all before, it just looks better. I would rather see what their plan, heck even just a hint at the setting is for DOOM 4.

    Shigeru Miyamoto once said "a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever". Ocarina of Time missed the N64 launch by over 3 years and no-one held that against it. I'm hoping that's what's going on here with Rage and id are just taking the extra time to polish it to a gleaming finish.

    The problem is that, despite being the first new IP from one of gameing's most renowned developers in almost a decade and a half, Rage just simply doesn't look very INTERESTING. It looks like Borderlands crossed with... well, pretty much any NON-cooperative shooter and I don't see anything about it that actually looks unique or makes it a must-buy. Hopefully the extra development time will let them make the game more interesting and not just be spent polishing the graphics engine to squeeze a few more polys somewhere that only the most obsessive graphics whore will notice.

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