Reader Review: Bayonetta

Reader Review: Bayonetta

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This review was submitted by Joshua Marlow. If you’ve played Bayonetta, or just want to ask Josh more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Bayonetta (360, PS3)

It’s marketed to us as a heavily-sexualised adventure game starring female genitalia… but is it?

Loved She be smooth: The game is absolutely one of the most easy-flowing games I’ve ever played. Sure, a lot of action-adventure games are talked about as flowing well, but none have done so as much as Bayonetta. Kicking, shooting, and doing both at the same time can blend into a perfect little movie you construct yourself, and it is absolutely beautiful.

Be not Ashamed, my Child: Sure, she’s well-endowed, but the game hardly focuses on her being put into compromising positions. It’s not, as many people have claimed, killing enemies by sex. Chalking the game’s calibre up to sexual appeal discounts an extremely good game.

That’s… New: Perhaps the second most prominent things mentioned about the game is that the story is indecipherable. I would have to disagree, saying that you can follow it to a certain extent, and that the oddities and craziness of the rest fits in perfectly with wacky, fast-paced gameplay.

Realistic Anime: The architecture is beautifully detailed, as are the characters. At the same time, the characters are somewhat accentuated in all respects and with the very subtle sexuality, the game feels like what anime would look like in real life.

Hated Stop! Bullet time! It may sound like a petty thing, but when you shoot your guns, sometimes the animations aren’t perfectly blended, meaning that Bayonetta’s limbs occasionally just teleport from place to place. 90% of the animations work perfectly, but it breaks from both the small sense of realism and the smooth flow of the game when her position drastically changes.

The game is nearly perfect, and the only real problems I have with it is the taboo that comes with it. You tell someone you’re playing Bayonetta, they think you’re doing it for the sex appeal. If that’s what’s stopping you from getting the game – as it was for me – don’t. I feel awkward whenever I see nudity or sexuality in a game, but I feel absolutely none while playing Bayonetta. It’s a fun, anime romp, perfect for any fans of the action-adventure genre, and even those who don’t usually play action-adventure games (like me).

Reviewed by: Joshua Marlow

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  • I don’t normally like games like Devil May Cry but I loved the demo, I have yet to sink my teeth into this game though. It actually WAS fun to play and the sex appeal was over the top and funny.

  • “It’s not, as many people have claimed, killing enemies by sex.”
    No, but you can kill enemies with Climax. And if you Climax-kill Joy, you chain her up onto a wooden thingy thing and it does a close up shot of her would-be-boobs.
    This game weirded me out.

  • I bought it, played an hour or two, got bored. Sure, the game runs smooth, but that’s the only thing it’s got going for it. And I kinda feel like a pervert for using the climax move as much as possible… it’s a powerful move, okay! Don’t judge me >.>

  • I enjoyed it immensely, although I can’t imagine why they left out a chapter select like in Devil May Cry. Really kills the replay value for me if I have to sit down and play the whole game, start to finish, rather than just being able to skip to my favourite bits 🙁

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