Reader Review: Demon’s Souls

Reader Review: Demon’s Souls

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This review was submitted by Andrew Marty. If you’ve played Demon’s Souls, or just want to ask Andrew more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Demon’s Souls (PS3)

Everyone always goes on about how frustratingly difficult Demon’s Souls is, but it’s actually just heaps of fun. Unless you are depressed, in which case you should probably avoid this game like I avoided taking on those two Black Phantoms at the beginning of 1-4 because they absolutely ruined all my gear.


The Feel: Trudging through the Valley of Defilement for the millionth time, death only one misstep away, killing about 50 mindless ferals who come at you with poisoned weapons, defeating the giant feral, then defeating the next one, then falling off a ledge just as you make it to the Leechmonger? Best day of my life!

The Common Enemies: Seriously, the first time that wicked-looking skeleton came rolling at me I was in allsorts. Then he sliced me up and I realised that I badly needed a better shield. Equally awesome, although less challenging in combat are the human-faced giant caterpillar thingies whose heads will become separated from their bodies kind of like a reverse lizard. I never tire of stabbing things in the guts with my spear. And the sound to accompany the killing blow? It gets me every time. Who says grinding isn’t fun? Because it is.

The Bosses: You know how most games bring in a new mechanic or gameplay style for a boss fight? Well, here you fight the dude just like you would any other guy, except now he is huge. As for the best of them, hmm… where do I start? It would have to be the Tower Knight. The first time I saw him I thought “Oh nuts” and then I was a red stain on the ground. Defeating the Flamelurker was easily the most intense gaming experience I have ever had; my housemate (who has zero gaming interest) lost her mind. And what about when the second Man-Eater shows up? Forget about it!

The Stupidity: The woman who levels you up is a classic. Her best line is “You seeketh soul power, do you not? Then touch the demon inside of me!” When you’re finished, she asks “Art thou done?” to which I reply “I art done.”

Online: Misery loves company, even if the company is trying to stick you.


Stuck: I have to face facts and say that I’m stuck, and that is sad because I am so keen to move on. Being a melee fighter definitely has its drawbacks, but is so much more fun than spamming the magical attacks.

You Regained Lost Souls: At the worst of times, this message fills the screen. Not cool. I guess you can always take comfort in the fact that you indeed regained lost souls.

Like I said, I am stuck and gearing up for another crack at it. I can’t wait to see what all the other bosses are like. Dirty Colossus? Sign me up! Demon’s Souls is so awesome, I can’t think of a better reason than this to buy a PS3. And yes, I have played MGS4. So awesome. Touch the demon inside yourself!

Reviewed by: Andrew Marty

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  • Sounds like you kill lots of things. Which to me is fun, I do enjoy a good grind, goes great with listening to music.

    Pitty I don’t own a ps3 🙁

  • Fluff the Flamelurker.
    Just… damn him. Where’s Gandalf to go all YOU SHALL NOT PASS when you need him? >=(

    Although, I actually beat the Tower Knight in Body Form on my first go. There was alot of running away to heal, but it went down, and my World Tendency went up and I wasn’t dead, and it was fan-friggin-tastic.

      • Flamelurker, if you don’t know to use ranged attacks and stand inside the cages or on top of the stairs with the rubble between you and him.

        For me the hardest was definitely Old King Allant, losing levels when you get hit makes learning a real challenge.

  • May I ask where you’re stuck?

    Also I agree about the amusement factor of the Maiden in black’s lines. One of my favourites is “I am here for thee, and thee only.” *chortles*

    • hey guys, i wrote this about 2 weeks ago, writing it inspired me to make the awesome comeback that i did and clocked it a few days ago. WICKED. So yeah, at the time i was stuck at 5-1, 1-4, 3-2, and 4-2 but i sure sorted them out. the scraping spear guy was giving me heaps of grief and so were the Maneaters. i started at 5-1 and i kind of got on a roll and then before i knew it i was in NG+ running around exploring the options on multiplayer, getting black phantomed and such, and mucking around with world/character tendency which was awesome. still going!! i love this game!!! had my first experience in PvP against a guy with a scraping spear today. seriously that thing should be outlawed. As for the guys who say they wont get it because it has no story, i guess it’s like mario – if the game is good enough story is completely superfluous. anyway, i hope everyone liked this review and goes and buys this game, it makes me glad i got my ps3

  • There are sections/bosses that are super tough if you are playing by yourself.

    When I got stuck, I started putting down my soul sign constantly to volunteer to help other players. There is no risk of losing souls when you are a blue phantom, so it is a good way to grind levels. The only problem is you can’t collect items.

  • Does have some awesome moments.
    Summoned 2 blue phantoms in 1-4 just before 2 black came to try and kill me, we annihilated them and tore through the level like a fire up to the boss and I was faced with the choice of warping back with 160 thousand souls or facing the boss I had not been able to get to yet.
    I took the souls.

    And stabbing some unsuspecting mage in the back as a black phantom? The most hilarious thing ever. Even he thought so, after he stopped running around like a mad-man anyway.

  • I’m still not convinced. Even after lots of people reviewing thing and giving it the GOTY label, I’m not sure I want to grind for a game that no “story”.

    I don’t mind grinding in FF XIII, Eternal Sonata and RE5…, coz they’re integrated to the story. You want to get better of those bosses, train up. And your action will be rewarded.

    Based on HEAPS of reviews that I’ve read, this game is just pretty much, kill everyone till u get the required items to make world goes good. No interesting dialogs to keep you going, no friends to help you out, no backstory on world, and a character which you can’t relate to either (coz u are free to make your own).

    Anyway, I hope NIS/Atlus/Sony will release a demo sometime, that way I can check what’s this game is all about.

    • In Demon’s Souls the World ITSELF is a character. You interact through a hundred small stories told without text as you slowly map your way through five worlds of intricate traps, puzzles and surprises.

      You end up inferring character traits to pieces of the world rather than to individual people. If playing a game which doesn’t rely on dialogue doesn’t sound like your thing, fair enough, but Demon’s Souls is deeply immersive and if you’re looking for a challenge, the story of your fight to free yourself from the fog is there, it’s just not explicit in 100 hours of cutscenes.

      • Also, reviewers can’t really do this game justice because they’re normally time-poor and have to go through a certain number of things a week, so they see the first few setpieces and the difficulty, but they can’t afford to get pulled into the world, which is where the attraction lies. I’d be surprised to find a reviewer who got past Flamelurker and was able to start properly using the Souls from bosses to craft their playstyle’s ultimate weapons.

  • i really enjoyed this game for what i played of it

    my charachter is annoyingly trapped in some tunnels and i can never find my way out without getting massacred and not being able to retrieve my stuff 🙁

    tho i wanna have a proper sit down with it i just cant find the time i need to sink into it

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