Reader Review: Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist

Reader Review: Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist

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Heavy Rain Chronicles, Chapter 1: The Taxidermist (PS3)

The Taxidermist is the first chapter in the Heavy Rain Chronicles, a planned series of downloadable content that has sadly since been canned. This episode takes place two years before the events of Heavy Rain, and follows Madison Paige as she investigates the home of Origami Killer suspect Leland White.


I’ve got a bad feeling about this: The Taxidermist delivers more of the creeping tension and quicktime-based gameplay that Heavy Rain exemplified. A horrific story unfolds in a dusty, dilapidated house that is ominously decorated with stuffed animals, and it is finished off with an immensely enjoyable climax. Timing is impeccable, and clever use of split-screen adds to the terror.

Biographical: We’re shown that Madison had been working on the Origami Killer case for at least two years, and was willing to put herself in danger to uncover what information she could about it. While her motivations in the original game were obscure, this episode makes her being a journalist a lot more believable.

Possibilities: Like the original game, there are numerous paths and decisions to make; after your first play-through, the final screen tells you which ending you achieved out of a possible five. This will give many players the motivation to play it again, and hopefully uncover the other four endings.


Voices: A different actor provides Madison’s voice this time around, and the change is grating. On the other hand, Leland White may sound all too familiar to fans – he’s voiced by the same actor who did Scott Shelby in the main game, which makes for a jarring experience.

Short: Your first playthrough isn’t likely to last any longer than twenty minutes. Replay value is extended with multiple endings, but you’re not get much out of this episode if you’re not into numerous run-throughs.

Not really relevant: While the episode provides an interesting backstory for Madison’s character, it doesn’t contribute anything to the main game’s plot, nor does it provide any elaboration. It’s best to approach this as a self-contained mini-game with its own plot, rather than a prequel to Heavy Rain.

Familiarity: If the episode seems familiar to some people, there’s a reason why: this was used as a Heavy Rain demonstration at press events all the way back in 2008, and it really hasn’t changed much since then.

Is it worth its AU$6.95 price on the PlayStation Store? Diehard fans of the original game will be delighted to play Madison again, as well as enjoy more of the decision-making and nail-biting sequences that Heavy Rain is known for. However, The Taxidermist doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of gameplay or plot, and unless you have a great desire to visit the rainy city and its dubious characters again, it may be best to give this one a miss.

Reviewed by: Katie Williams

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  • *fills in the blanks*
    Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Katie does, as she puts her journalist hat on.

    Ok, I suck as this journalist stuff. 🙁

  • It’s a pity they shafted the DLC for a re release to work with the playstation move gear. I think flailing around would kind of kill the experience of a great cinematic game.

    • Agreed, massive disappointment – I would give anything for some Jayden DLC! I get the feeling the Move version development wasn’t really the dev team’s decision – I suspect we’ll see Heavy Rain bundled with the Move controllers when they’re released.

  • I completely forgot about this! Shame though, after reading this review(and others) I don’t think I’ll pick it up. Oh wells.

  • I played The Taxidermist prior to the main game since I bought the collector’s edition, and in that context it was an excellent introduction to the mechanics and feel of the game. It’s brief, but culminates in a really great set piece with plenty of freedom.

  • Everytime I try and play this my PS3 crashes as I walk into the main gate, EVERY TIME!
    I found the game really glitchy as I played it with sound going out of sync, awful texture pop-in and random glitches galore, but I was intrigued and the game was fully playable even with these problems. The DLC though, freezes every time in the same spot no matter what I do. Anyone else had the same problem?

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