Reader Review: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Reader Review: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

The next instalment in the Metal Gear saga, Peace Walker is Naked Snakes/Big Boss’ next adventure, following the events of MGS3: Snake Eater and MGS: Portable Ops. WARNING: This review contains plot spoilers from Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and 4.


The Cutscenes: These are just amazing, 2D comic-style scenes like in Portable Ops and inFamous. And there’s some interactivity! So don’t think it’s frozen and quit and reboot the game only to find it happen again… I totally didn’t do that… thrice…

The Storyline: Hate MGS because of the La-li-lu-le-lo who are the Patriots who control the world through nanomachines which actually help the world but also don’t? Or do you hate MGS because of the Patriots who were founded by Zero and Naked Snake who in turn is cloned to make Solid Snake and Solidus Snake or Liquid Snake who is dead but his arm is used on Ocelot so now Ocelot is Liquid Ocelot but he actually isn’t because he’s not controlled by Liquid, just acting like him because of nanomachines and Hypnotherapy?

Yeah, I can see why you’d get confused. Peace Walker isn’t as complex as the others. It’s got a fantastic storyline, which is simple (but not derp derp simple) and easy to follow, and a good subplot which doesn’t make your mind implode. You’ll get more from it if you played MGS3, but really, anyone can play it and make sense of it.

So much to do! There’s the main story, which’ll get you minimum 12 hours (took me 16 or so), then there’s the 120+ extra ops.

Snake in! It really never gets old when you knock on the wall to attract a guard only for your partner to sneak up on them and knock them out. And make them fly away. Or the two of you in the assassin’s box, where the first player drags them in and the second immediately fulton-ing them away. Or getting in a cardboard tank so that the second player throws grenades out the turret.


All the good stuff comes at the end: All the really cool stuff comes after the extra missions, and not during the main storyline. And then when you want to go back and use it, you’ve become so powerful and their difficulty hasn’t changed, so it just feels kind of pointless.

Lack of difficulty setting: With every other Metal Gear game, I like to play it on normal, start on the extreme difficulty, ragequit and then come back a couple of weeks later hellbent on finishing it (and I do… eventually). But there’s no settings here, which is fine for the storyline, but some of the extra ops mission mean you have to grind (for a VERY long time) or go co-op. Sometimes both.

Peace Walker is a fantastic game that has so much to do. It’s got great visuals, stellar gameplay and a great soundtrack. Snake out!

Reviewed by: Randeep Dhaliwal

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