Reader Review: Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update

Reader Review: Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update

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Team Fortress 2: The Engineer Update (PC)

You must have heard of TF2 by now, so I’ll keep this part short. TF2 is: multiplayer, an FPS, class based, and topped off with a unique visual style. The engineer’s role is setting up three types of building: sentries, which target and kill the enemy; dispensers, which provide health and ammunition to allies; and teleporters, which get your teammates to the frontlines on the double. Clearly then, the engineer plays a vital role. The engineer’s class update was released a month ago and it’s time to decide if Valve hit their target.


The Wrangler: This is the only weapon I have selected to be a mainstay in my class set up. The wrangler gives the engineer something he has lacked for a long time: versatility in sentry placement. Usually limited to a pre-set range of detection, the sentry can now be controlled using the wrangler, meaning it is able to shoot further, opening up a multitude of options when choosing where to put your sentry. This ability has been perfectly balanced with a cooldown time and inability to repair your sentry while firing.

Pumping Iron: The engineer has been hitting the gym and can now haul his fully upgraded buildings across the map. It fits the profile of an engineer perfectly where efficiency > backache. After an initial negative reaction, I discovered Valve’s true intention of this update. This ability allows the engineer to break many situations that would otherwise be boring stalemates, creating a more fluid game.


Gung ho Gunslinger: The mini sentry was a great idea in concept, creating an offensive engineer. The reality is the gunslinger defeats the purpose of an offensive engineer. That purpose being to secure a frontline, giving your team a fall back position. The mini sentry is too easily overwhelmed to fulfill this duty. After extensive testing, I wasn’t impressed. Perhaps if the ability to move buildings hadn’t been introduced it could find a niche.

No justice to be found: Rewarding the destruction of your sentry gun with critical shots is a poor concession prize. It seems obvious to me that this weapon was conceived with the mini-sentry in mind, perhaps a contributing factor as to why I hate it so. Even in ideal conditions, saving up 35 critical hits before your sentry is destroyed, how far can an engineer expect to go offensively with a shotgun that only chambers three rounds?

No doubt there will be TF2 fans lined up around the block donning a staggering array of hats to state their deep love for the gunslinger and the frontier justice. However I cannot objectively praise these weapons. I feel this update was a tad of a letdown compared to past updates. Needless to say, these updates are provided free of charge. So at the end of the day, complaints should be filed directly to your paper shredder and instead praise should be given to Valve for three years of excellent community support.

Reviewed by: Steven Blake

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  • I agree, wrangler is awesome as is moving stuff, but i wasn’t impressed by the mini sentry or frontier justice at all (except when you could get level 3 mini’s through a glitch)

  • Good points, have to disagree with you on the mini-sentry.

    The mini-sentry was built for ‘ninjaneers,’ engineers who try to get sentries in often unused and unorthodox locations. The tick is that by the time your opponent figures out where the sentry is, it’s already taken a chunk out of him, and you can finish him up with your pistol.

    This is where the frontier justice steps in, it’s a great reward for setting up a quick sneaky sentry and getting a kill.

    The mini-sentry is not for setting up frontline positions (IE: moving your team forward in a PL map), it’s for engineers that like to play, well, offensively, getting right into the thick of battle.

    On a side note, if you’re saving up 35 crits before your sentry is killed, you must be playing some horrible, HORRIBLE players.

    • @Steve Bogos and Lordleckie

      Obviously I disagree, since my review disagrees. In my opinion the engineer is a support class, sure his title may be defensive but other than medic I can’t say any other class supports a team more.

      Offensive engineering in the way I speak of it, is fulfilling that support role. Whereas the way you speak of it, is playing engineer as an offensive class rather than playing as a supportive class on an offensive team… hope that makes sense lol. This may be blunt, but engineers who play the way you are describing, should jump hat first off a bridge.

      As a casual gamer sure, I can see the fun in it. But that isn’t my perspective, perhaps I should have mentioned straight up that I’ve played over 100 hours of engineer alone. To me tf2 is fun when players fulfill their role, and it becomes a game of TEAM work.

      Getting 1 or 2 sneaky kills followed most likely by death or escape on low health, really isn’t helping the team. If you want to play the offensive role play an offensive class.

      The gunslinger makes the engineer offensive in a way I don’t think suits him.

      Lastly, engineer spam, even with the wrangler, is easy to overcome with a good team. I’d have more to say on the matter but I don’t want to go on forever 😛

  • Really? you praise the wrangler and dismiss the gunslinger?

    The purpose of an offensive engie isnt to make a base to fall back to or the like thats the job of a normal engie, offensive engies run around and place sentrys in places where you can easily rack up a kill or 2 from suprised scouts or pyros then reap the rewards of the revenge crits.

    Not to mention the wrangler pretty much shuts most choke points with enough engineer spam and the stupid face there is no damage fall off giving the engineer a weapon with enourmous range and enourmous damage in addition to a damn shield with very little trade off

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