Really Bad Games: Satan Vs Jesus

From the creators of adult-themed adventure game Bonetown comes the Flash game Satan Vs Jesus, subtitled "Good VS Evil in an Epic Battle to Get Laid", and it's wrong in so many ways.

Needless to say, this Flash game, available now at Newgrounds, is very not safe for work. Hippie surfer Jesus and throaty Satan play through round after round of simplified Guitar Hero-esque rhythmic button pushing, while a blonde in her underwear moans suggestively. At the end of each round, badly written lines of dialogue of a sexual nature are delivered, and the whole thing starts over, only harder.

I'd say this was the cream of the crap, but that would open me up to more horrible sexual innuendo, and I think I've had my fill today.

Satan Vs. Jesus [Official Website]


    Oh I bet you've had your fill.

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