Red Dead Redemption Song Gets A Little Fancy

"Deadman's Gun" is played during one of Red Dead Redemption's more touching sequences, a lonely moment made lonelier by the gravelly vocals and sparse guitar. It's a little different, though, when played live with a string section and piano.

Ashtar Command have posted this clip of a special live performance of their song, which not only adds the strings and piano but also some backing vocals as well, making for video gaming's most unlikely Metallica S&M moment.

And if you want to sing along? The band has posted the song's lyrics on its website, so you can do just that (just in case you can't figure them out for yourself). Much obliged!

[via Rockstar]


    Its such a nice song, infact the whole album was brilliant. I was personally surprised by the quality of it.

    Hmm i wonder if there is an mp3 copy floating around

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