Red Dead Redemption's Legends And Killers Arrive Next Week

Eight characters from Red Dead Revolver invade Red Dead Redemption next week in the Legends and Killers Pack, bringing with them nine new multiplayer map locations and one angry-looking tomahawk.

The Legends and Killers Pack hits on August 10 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, running fans a cool $US9.99 or 800 Microsoft points. That's a small price to pay to see some old faces in new places and possibly split them with a stone throwing axe. Just look at these screens. You know you want to kill somebody with that tomahawk.


    multiplayer only pack? I would like a new story like GTA4 did with lost and damned.

      I'm pretty sure they're releasing extra story missions with the last of the 4 DLC packs.

    800 Points for some characters? Nah thanks.

      You missed the bit where it said "nine new multiplayer locations"?

        They better be some spectacular MP locations for $10 then...

    I'm more keen for the single play stuff they announced, interested to see how they are going to handle introducing zombies into the game

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