Red Faction Gets A Vehicle Combat Game

The question over the weekend was "Is THQ working on a downloadable Red Faction game?" The answer on Monday morning is "yes!"

Speaking at GDC Europe today, THQ Digital creative director Don Whiteford has revealed Red Faction: Battlegrounds to be a downloadable title for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, which unlike the last (and upcoming) Red Faction games - which are all about hammers and ostriches - is about vehicular combat.

It's being worked on by the same studio behind Juiced, with a top-down view and up to four players able to play on a single screen. Sounds like Micro Machines, only with exploding bridges!

GDC Europe: THQ's Whiteford On Building Red Faction For Digital Download [Gamasutra]


    or it sounds like alien swarm with machines

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