Red Steel Dev: No More Than 20 Percent Of Gamers ‘Are Willing To Move’

Red Steel Dev: No More Than 20 Percent Of Gamers ‘Are Willing To Move’

Red Steel 2 was reviewed favourably, but that doesn’t mean it was a success. Its disappointing sales performance, says the game’s creative director, can be chalked up to gamers unwillingness “to get up and move and exert themselves for fun.”

Speaking at Game Developers Conference Europe, Jason VandenBerghe introduced “audience willingness” as a factor facing developers of motion-control games.

“There is a small group of people that is willing to get up and move and exert themselves for fun,” VandenBerghe said, according to Edge Online. “We had to ask ourselves: how many gamers are willing to move? I don’t know how many there are, but it’s no higher than 20 per cent. That’s actually probably optimistic.”

It’s not to say many gamers don’t enjoy motion-controlled gaming, when they’re introduced to it. But it very definitely seems there’s a problem in seeking it out.

VandenBerghe said the only solution is time – basically, that motion control evolves into a more standard expectation of gaming. Kinect and PlayStation Move would seem to push things in that direction. “Things might suck now, but I think they’ll get better,” he said.

If and when they do, “my recommendation to you is that you should ship on multiple platforms. Nobody will want you to. Sony won’t, Microsoft won’t, Nintendo won’t. But the market will… Many genres will remain unchanged, and some people will still not want to exert themselves. But if the hardware remains an add-on, motion control will remain niche.”

VandenBerghe: Motion Control Must Become Standard [Edge]


  • One reason i hardly use the Wii, after a long day at work i just want to kick back feet up with a control pad and play a game, For fun!

  • “Oh noes my shitty game didn’t sell very well… It must be that no one wants to move. I bet only 20% of people want to move… that explains the poor sales… right?”

  • It reviewed fairly well but people didn’t buy the game because they were burnt on buying the first Red Steel, which was in fact crap.

  • Gotta love how people are automatically classifying this as another case of developers whining about sales and blaming them on an unrelated factor, despite the fact that Red Steel 2 was actually a fairly decent game.
    Personally, I’m inclined to believe the need for the MotionPlus was the game’s downfall: last I checked, getting the game with it was damn expensive.

  • I’m sure the 4.52 million people who bought Twilight Princess on the Wii at one point got up and used it.

    No, the problem with Red Steel 2 was that it was an average game with no remarkable features whatsoever.

  • If I wanted to get up and move I’d take the dog for a walk. If I wanted to sit on my arse and have a drink, I’d play a game.

  • I agree with some of whats being said, but I think he got it wrong in one slight detail. He says for fun when it should be for fun while playing traditional video games. I work out in a gym with weights instead of my lounge room on a balance board, by his logic I must be against entertainment.
    By saying fun it becomes a jab at fat, lazy gamers instead of the correct statement that people just aren’t that interested in playing traditional video games using motion controls when a gamepad would do an equal or better job. I play XBOX to relax and have fun, if a game is going to make it less relaxing then its going to have to make be more fun (Guitar Hero on Expert is a perfect example).

    I’m more than happy to get up and move for fun, I tried paintball last week and it was awesome, but when it comes to games like Halo, Call of Duty, Red Steel, etc I’d rather use a controller unless they’re offering something significant to make the experience a lot more fun using motion controls (and unfortunately until Force Feedback is added swinging a sword in Red Steel is going to feel like an over-complicated way of pressing B).

    • I’m of the same opinion as yourself there DogMan.
      But my main question of you is…how did you italicise your font like that?
      I’ve tried a few different things and they don’t seem to work!

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  • Wow. Not much love for Red Steel 2. I played the entire game sitting down and had no difficulty controlling my character. Red Steel 2 may not be GOTY material but it came pretty close to fulfilling the original promise of motion controlled sword combat we were all exited about back in 2006. As for disappointing sales, I’d chalk that one up to simply being a “mature” third party game on the Wii.

  • Having played Red Steel 2, there are quite a few things, the games difficulty seems to be all over the shop. On Medium some meant to be tough fights are a cake walk, and other times you get stuck in the scenery or die because for the next few minutes the game won’t recognise the movement your trying to make. Also once you can buy health and armour the fights become even easier.

    Also the game kinda wants you to smash all the scenery to get cash to afford the upgrades. Sure the better you fight, the more cash you get. But in the beginning of the game you don’t have the moves unlocked to be flashy you have to buy them.

    I also think you only need the pistol the whole game because shooting is only required to unlock things, 99% of combat is with your sword. Heck the most any gun gets used is in my favourite finisher.

    Do I like it? Yes at the end of the day I do. I can’t play it a lot because after awhile the fact that I need to do full sword movements makes my arm tired. I also paid less than $50 for it with Wii Motion plus. Oh and the same criticism comes from a friend of mine who actually knows how to sword fight.

  • I’m quite happy to exert myself physically for fun. Just not to play videogames. For me, games are for relaxing on the couch with, like movies. Leave the exertion for activities like sports or the old horizontal folk dancing wink wink nudge nudge etc.

  • “”I don’t know how many there are, but it’s no higher than 20 per cent.””


    How does he know it’s 20%? :s

    The game was average, that was the problem. Don’t blame the players for disappointing sales figures.

  • Red Steel 2 was actually a great game, in enjoyed playing it. However, I put it down for this very reason.

    The reason why games like Wii fit and Wii sports sell so well, is that they package physical activity in short little bursts. No one can do virtual hula-hoops for four hours straight, which depending on the day is an average gaming session for me ;).

    I agree with a lot of the other comments people have made, about games being a place to ‘relax’. Heck, I don’t even play Starcraft II if I want to relax (that game is WAY too stressful!), what makes you think i’m going to pretend to be a samurai?

  • The game MIGHT have sold better IF it wasn’t called “Red Steel 2”.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the game have ZERO narrative or contextual link to the first game?
    If that is so, then why oh why would you still tie this game to another one that tanked so badly? And rightfully so, seeing it played terribly.
    That has been a mystery to me since well before Red Steel 2 hit shelves.

  • I own RS2, and I have to say it’s not a bad game overall. It’s a bit mundane, though. What the series gained in better control and general action, as well as freedom of less-linear gameplay, it sincerely lost in the direction/storytelling/characterization department.

    It feels like a PS2 effort, not next-gen. The Wii is hugely suffering from small-minded devs like this. Not to mention that hardcore gamers will find it difficult to downgrade from 720p and higher to the typical 480i crap.

    There’s also the problem of having no decent basis to judge controls on – devs have to try new things. The default settings in Red Steel 2 are waaayyy too sensitive to be slashing the wiimote around like a sword, though. You finish a maneuver, and you don’t know what direction you’re looking in. They should’ve learned a lesson from Metroid Prime and made sword-fighting a lockon function.

  • The moving thing was the biggest factor in me not purchasing a Wii. Too much energy exerted for what I could do with a sway and a single mouse click.

  • The reason the Wii has sold so well is because they cater for the child age demographic which the other consoles do not. Consequently, the vast majority of the games sold are kids’ games. Red Steel 2 did not sell well because it’s not targetted at the vast majority of Wii users (8 year olds). Sure, the adults might play the Wii now and again, but they’ll do so with their young kids. For about 10 minutes. Every six months. The Wii is a fail for adult gamers, but perfect for child gamers, so design to fit the audience, don’t blame the control as the reason you’re not selling the game.

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