Reflecting On Multiplayer In Halo: Reach

Ah, Team Slayer. Halo: Reach packs new multiplayer modes like Stockpile and Invasion, but in the beta, even those typically devolved into Slayer-esque battles of headshot-and-revenge. Here's five minutes of Slayer on "Reflection," inspired by "Ivory Tower" from Halo 2.

At 2:43, watch him wait for Jimmy to come out of armour Lock before patiently capping his arse. Nicely done.


    Is it just me or are the sprinting sounds extremely shit. Every time he sprints for any length of time you hear heh heh heh hah... Even if he holds the sprint button in mid air, puff puff puff (and then to finish once you let the button go again) puuuffff. For super soldiers they sure puff a lot while running.

      Haha yeah I was thinking the same thing, although at least they're a LOT better than they were in the beta. The beta sprint noises pissed me off so much I avoided using sprint.

      pretty much my same thoughts when watching the vid (apart from "how did he not notice that shotgun dude flanking him??"). maybe at the end of the sprint sequence, but as he's running? it's annoying.

    console fps. makes me laugh

      bigotted PC gamers who act superior over video games. make me laugh.

        there's no denying console fps is not as good as pc fps, but Reach looks like it could be the best console fps released imo, and actually worth checking out

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