Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!





    Finally one i actually know!

    Hidden & Dangerous, or H&D2. Was a fun game.

    I'm going to say hidden and dangerous on PC. I think it's freeware now?


    I'm going to say, Hidden and Dangerous 1?

    With minimal confidence (and poor spelling) I'll say 'commandoes'

    "Hidden & Dangerous", I think.

      Yeah, I'm pretty sure its Hidden & Dangerous also.

    Binoculars: Revenge.

    With the tagline 'They didn't see it coming...'

    Totally the part in Keen Dreams where you have to assassinate the giant mushroom king!

    Hidden and Dangerous, was a great co-op game on PC. The sequel was too.

    Halo Reach

    I spent so many fun co-op hours playing through this with my mate.
    10 minute load times, and we restarted every mission if one of us died.
    Took ages, but damn it was fun.

    Ah yes, I was thinking Hidden & Dangerous! ...but I'll admit it also looked to me a bit like Operation Flashpoint.

    I think my uncle got me a copy of H&D on the PC when it had just come out, but it was way too hard for me to play when I was like nine years old :p

    Hidden & Dangerous was fun as helllll. I got it in a pack with AVP. Good times, good times.

    Hidden & Dangerous.
    Wow, that one was pretty easy.

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