Reminder: Beta Test Kinect, You Will Be Silenced

If you're one of the lucky ones receiving an invitation to Kinect's beta testing program tonight, a word of caution before you accept: you'll be losing most of your means of communicating over Xbox Live.

Because of the 360's improved voice chat tech - or, if you're the tin-hat-wearing type, because Microsoft is crazy-paranoid about beta testers spilling the beans - anyone accepting and downloading the beta will only be able to use voice communications with other users in the beta.

In other words, if you're the only one on your friends list who got in, and you accept, you'll be a mute from now until Kinect's launch in November.

So, yes, bear that in mind!


    Well that sucks... Probably one of the only Terms & Conditions that I would turn down...

    Regardless of this action or not, there will be massive bean spillage over the coming weeks from it...

    Depending on how many racist homophobes get into the beta, that could actually make for a refreshing change.


      I was just thinking we should let all the 12 - 25 year old xbl users beta test from now on...

    Probably just so we can't leak about how shit Kinect is to our friends.

      What a shame, it'd be pretty amusing hearing a friend say "f*** it's not working! *RAGE*"

    Seems like a rather mild thing. Not a bad tradeoff, I think. Also, love the choice of icon. :3

    I'm sure it'll be all over the net in a few days. Much like Move, I'm almost Kinect is going to fail. The Wii, you had it all from the start, and all of the games supported the new style of control. But who in there right mind is going to pay and EXTRA $200 minimum to play standing up. It strikes me as a rather silly move. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if it was built into the next gen xbox/ps4. Time will tell.

    yet i could go on youtube and leak as much fun stuff as i want

    Fail MS fail

    Couldn't people just leak information through other means, making this COMPLETELY pointless?

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