Report: Fable III Will Not Work With Kinect (At Launch)

Peter Molyneux, the main man behind Fable, dropped some good news and some bad news about the next game in that series today: Fable III will not support Microsoft's Kinect controller when the game ships later this year.

But Molyneux says that Kinect support - in some still unknown form - will come to Fable III at after launch, according to a report from Joystiq. Which makes sense, given that Fable III will arrive on the Xbox 360 on October 26, a week before Kinect's arrives on November 4.

That report indicates that whatever motion control camera support was planned for Fable III didn't meet the expectations of developer Lionhead Studios. So regardless of one crucial half of this combination being unavailable alongside the other, it appears that Kinect support is still TBD.

Molyneux: Fable 3 will not include Kinect functionality at launch [Joystiq]


    I did wonder how they were going to do it as Kinect launched later than Fable.

    You know, I've never played a Fable game, are they actually fun or just grindy?

      I enjoyed it... and didn't find it grindy at all.

      the first fable was great and i haven't really played fable 2 that much but i heard it's good.

    i will put money on the fact that some sort of kinect crap will be tacked on and as a result the gameplay will suffer

      Nah, it'll be DLC. Tacked on DLC, but DLC nonetheless :P

    Anyone taking bets on it being very half assed once it does show up? Call me a Molyneux cynic.

      No, you're not a Molyneux cynic, you're actually quite nice to him: half assed would be quite a progress in comparison to the usual gap between what he promises and what he delivers.

    this seems like a pro not a con

    either make a game that is meant to use kinect or not at all hybrids rarely work

    Molyneux promises, and fails to deliver. Is anyone really all that surprised?

    Even though he doesn't come through on his grand claims... what he does deliver is still far superior to some of the crap that gets released.

    His games are still enjoyable.

    How would you expect it to work with Kinect?

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