Resistance 3 Live-Action Trailer, Singing The Blues

Resistance 3 hits the PlayStation 3 next year. That's Resistance, the Insomniac Games' first-person shooter series that always looks good, plays solidly but has been accused of lacking personality. Watch the trailer. Things may have changed.

There's no gameplay here. No confirmation that Resistance 3 is even still a first-person shooter. We have an indication that the returning Chimera enemy monsters (aliens?) have wrecked America. But that, I think, is all.


    Woot Damn!

    Mmm it just lacks originality now.
    Looks like monsters have invaded Red Dead Redemption.

      not like halo. amiright?

        Yeah beause Halo is brimming with originality...

    I've played both but always thought Resistance was pretty meh.

    I think this teaser is awesome, The music justies the situation and the trailer doesnt give too much away.

      sorry justifies the situation, my bad...

    Cool music and atmosphere but I'll reserve judgement until I see some gameplay.

    I really like the trailer, however I have never played a resistance game.

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