Rumour: $50 Million Video Game Cancelled

You may have already deduced this in light of the complete absence of marketing for the game, but CVG report that long-in-development-hell, ex-Midway game This Is Vegas has finally been put out of its misery.

Yes, the open-world game that nobody ever wanted, never looked remotely interesting and never looked like actually coming out may now never actually come out, the report saying that the game had consumed over $50 million between former publishers Midway and current publishers Warner Bros.

$50 million? On This Is Vegas? No wonder Midway went bust.

Is this gaming's biggest ever waste of money? [CVG]


    What did they do, back every in-game dollar with a real one?

    $50 million. Wow. It's hard to even comprehend that much money.

    In tribute of this I propose a listing of what that $50 COULD have been used on instead of this...I'll start;

    Making me a real iron-man suit just so I can fly around singing the theme song with enough money left over to buy a foot long meatball sub with onion and mushrooms.

      Constructing a to scale moon to orbit around our moon.

      I would have donated a dollar.

    I actually thought this look remotely interesting, and am slightly sad to see it (mostly likely) being cancelled, despite the fact that I COMPLETELY forgot about this game. But my god that's an obscene amount of coin....

    Im fairly sure Duke Nukem Forever didnt burn through that much money.

    Onion and mushrooms? We have mushrooms at subway now!? And they could of spent that $50 mill on me. Buying me the most expensive intel system I could make.

    I remember hearing about this game when I was at Ratbag. It's been in development for a long time. $50 million is a hell of a gamble to invest. Did any midway games (besides MK) do well enough to justify that kind of budget?

    I'm going to say a cure for some type of disease. Like diabetes. That's a disgusting amount of money to waste on tripe like that

      Actually, I forgot, diabetes isn't technically a disease, it's a condition.....

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