Rumour: Splinter Cell, Prince Of Persia PS2 Upgrades Coming To PS3?

First there was God of War, then Sly, now it appears two more franchises are taking their PlayStation 2 entries and tarting them up for a release on the PlayStation 3.

Amazon France has listings for trilogy boxsets for both Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia, saying that both are set to appear on Sony's high definition console.

This makes a whole lot of sense, since Ubisoft released trilogy boxsets for Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell on the PS2, pictured, which would surely be the games bound for the HD treatment.

[via VG247]


    As an owner of the 1st 2 splinter cell games on the ps2,, I hope it's not some lazy graphics renovation. the inferior visuals never bothered me as much as the way in which the ps2 versions always got short changed in the levels.

    i played the xbox version a few years later and the difference was night and day. the levels seemed more complete (more guards and slightly more challenges in the security setups), and they only required ONE loading sequence per level.

    This is so creepy. I had a dream a few months ago i was buying an updated ps3 version of Prince of Persia SOT. If my dreams are accurate it will cost $59.99

    if only they did the ratchet and clank trilogy too

    The Sands of Time was great fun. Really enjoyed the characters and gameplay. I'd be sorely tempted to purchase the PS3 remake.

    The Warrior Within was one of the few games I've completely given up on. Utterly lost interest in it. It was just so ... bland. I reached zero desire to ever play it again.

    I never did bother with The Two Thrones, or any other Price of Persia game since. The previous game had sucked all the joy out of the series for me.

    I've never played the Splinter Cell series. That may be interesting.

    Still waiting patiently for the Team ICO remakes. That will be a day -30 purchase for me (i.e a preorder).

      I'm with you, I completed SoT multiple times but never got more than halfway through WW. Own but haven't started TT.
      Still, if they added trophy support I suppose I'd *have* to :P

    Must Buy, just for Sands of Time.

    Would be nice if they also included Beyond Good and Evil...

    Screw that.... We want a Jak and Ratchet Collections.

    An Ape Escape collection would really be the bee's knees.

    Whats ironic about the Splinter Cell Collection going only to PS3 is that Conviction was exclusively released on 360 and PC. Something about that just doesn't let me believe this...

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